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George Soros’ Latest Comments About President Trump Are Causing Controversy

In a new interview with the Washington Post, 87-year-old liberal billionaire investor George Soros has plenty to say about the Trump administration — and he’s not holding back. In short, he said of the current administration that “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.” Soros is a frequent Clinton donor and is clearly no fan of the current president, who he maintains is “willing to destroy the world.”

He told the Washington Post, following an appearance at the Human Rights Watch conference in Zurich, Switzerland: “The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it. So in that sense, yes, I redouble my efforts.”

Soros has recently come under fire by the likes of actress Roseanne Barr and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who maintain that he’s controlling the Democratic Party and is a Nazi sympathizer. Putin told Austrian television: “He intervenes in things all over the world. But the State Department will tell you that it has nothing to do with that, that this is the personal business of Mr. Soros.”

Soros noted of his critics: “It makes it very difficult for me to speak effectively because it can be taken out of context and used against me.” He further explained, “I’m painfully aware that they are against the ideas that I stand for.”

As for Trump’s presidential win, he never saw it coming, noting, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.” He further describes Trump as a “narcissist” who “considers himself all-powerful.” Trump’s win, he believes, hinges on how people’s opinions can be manipulated, noting, “It is so much easier to destroy trust than to build it up.”

In regards to the election, he said that while Clinton would have made a “very good president,” he didn’t feel she was a good campaigner. Specifically, “She was too much like a schoolmarm,” Soros said, adding, “Talking down to people… instead of listening to them.”

Soros also spoke on both sides of impeaching Trump, noting that the president “is endangering the United States and the world,” but adding that there’s a tradeoff. He explained: “This would make [Vice President] Pence the president, who is much more competent in representing the far right, whose views with which I disagree, than Trump himself.”

Among those who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story were those who felt Soros is the narcissist, with comments including: “Pot meet kettle. It takes a huge amount of narcissism to believe that your sole opinion and vast amount of wealth should usurp the opinions and will of billions of people across the world!” and “Soros is more of a narcissist than our president will ever be. Soros, who spends millions trying to control world governments, has that title well covered.”

Among the comments on the Washington Post interview was one person who offered this perspective: “The long list of disinformation, lies and contracted libel against Mr. Soros demonstrates well that he has struck a nerve with various regimes which consider his positive contributions as being detrimental to their attempts to consolidate power and political influence.”