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Ghostly Figure Spotted At The Crash Scene Is The Clue Investigators Have Been Hoping For

When a crash occurred between a van and a car, bystanders gathered to inspect the damage. The incident occurred in the city of Cipolletti in Rio Negro, a central province of Argentina in South America.

But while the accident was strange by itself, a mysterious man was caught on camera that no one is able to identify.

The car involved in the crash has flipped over, and a man is leaning forward to speak to the victim trapped inside. An ambulance has rushed to the scene of the crash, and the mass of bystanders is frantic.

But there is one figure who does not exhibit any emotion. The grey man has on sunglasses and stares at the chaos around him like he is at home in this hell. And thousands of people who have viewed the image since, have remarked that he represents the impossible. They’re claiming he is either an alien or a ghost or something even more terrifying.

The mystery grey man has sparked an international debate as to whether aliens have dropped to Earth or if the dead have arisen from the grave (or from down below).

The so-called creature could be wearing a mask. And has the sunglasses over it to cover up the fact that he is not human.

Viewers accuse the alien being of arriving here to witness an atrocity and examine how the human race responds to a terrible situation like a car accident.

Although international viewers are confused by the image, the local media pretended that his presence was expected. They claim that the man, who has grey skin and looks to be wearing a mask, was the ambulance driver Pedro Moguillansky. If the man is the ambulance driver as the source claims, he would have witnessed human atrocities like the car accident all the time, so it would not shock him like it has all the other bystanders at the scene.

Moguillansky may appear grey because of a trick of the light. And the source claimed that he had a bald head and was wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun. If he is not an alien, then the light really played a trick on thousands of people who thought he was an alien dropped down from space.

Incidents like this crop up often. People are quick to assume that because something does not appear wholesome, then it must be an alien or a visitor from the spirit world. But sometimes our photographic technology fail to capture the world as it is and we see something that really isn’t there.

Nonetheless, some readers are not convinced that the grey man truly is the ambulance driver. Despite the claims by local authorities (who could be trying to cover up an alien invasion), the man might not be who they claim they are.

But most people are willing to accept that version as the truth. And if you look closely at the image, you’ll probably agree that it is probably just the ambulance driver with a strange shade of light cast upon him.