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Government Punishes Woman For Saving Too Much Of Her Pension

When an 86-year-old started saving money from her pension, she never expected it to be a problem. She’d learned as a little girl that it was important to save for a rainy day. That’s why she amassed a nest egg of about $35,000 over the course of many years. But when the UK heard about how 86-year-old widow Mary Morley was putting her $200 per week state pension into a savings account versus spending it, they quickly took action to “alleviate” her of her nest egg savings.

Morley was a lowly chambermaid and retired more than twenty years ago when she turned sixty-five. Her husband died two years later in 2001, which left her a bit strapped for cash. However, she started receiving about $20,000 because of a housing benefit, but now the Council is planning to strip her of nearly double that amount because they didn’t want her to save for a rainy day.

Because the council won their day in court, they stripped an elderly widow with learning difficulties of her small nest egg. Now she has nearly nothing and no one to support her.

Morley, 86, never expected to be punished for being a good saver. She didn’t want to become a burden on her family after she retired, so she made it a habit to save from her nearly $200 per week state pension.

But the widow saved more than the nearly $20,000 savings allowed for people to qualify for a housing benefit. Now they’re planning to strip her of everything over that limit because she unwittingly broke the rules.

Morley needs caretakers to visit her at home twice a day. She has been left alone after her husband passed away eighteen years ago. She also faced court actions because of an issued regarding council tax arrears.

In an interview with the Daily Express, Morley’s son, David, 60, said: “My mum has scrimped and saved all her life. She was plunged into depression overnight (when the government stripped her of her savings).”

The angry son added, “The process by which this is done is unbelievably callous. People in their 80s and 90s probably alone and with health problems are targeted. It’s happening to these people because, in spite of their tiny pension, they have managed to save a little week after week.”

David added, “But by doing so, they have crossed the savings limit for claiming housing benefit and council tax support, most likely without even realizing.”

Because David knew that his mother simply saved money for a rainy day, and not to get one over the city, he was very angry at how officials at Huntingdonshire District Court handled his mother’s case. Not only is she old, but she was declared illiterate when she quit school at age 14.

This government action did not hold into account an old woman’s suffering, which has upset her family very, very much.

Do you think it is fair for the government to punish this little old lady because she knew how to save a few dimes every week?

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