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Grads Are Confused When Their Classmate Started Crying. Then She Bolted For The Stage

High school graduation is a major milestone. Not only have students worked their tails off to reach this stage in their life – they’ve gone through twelve years of school after all – their parents also did a lot of hard work raising the graduates, so they’re the kind of people able to follow through on the task. High school graduation is more of a new beginning than an end because, with that diploma in hand, graduates have a whole new life ahead of them and can go on to college or start their careers.

While graduation is an emotional situation for all involved, Miranda experienced something a bit different. She was excited to be getting her diploma but never expected herself to break down into tears in front of all her classmates who she thought the world of.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Florida high school seniors are dressed in their caps and gowns and facing the stage. They’re eager to “get on with it” because they are so excited. But when the guest speaker took the steps and then the stage, it was the last person Miranda expected to see.

The guest stood in front of the podium and leaned forward toward the microphone. At this point, Miranda has recognized the speaker, and she is shaking. She starts sobbing uncontrollably.

The speaker says, “Good evening everybody. Would you please join me in The Pledge of Allegiance?”

At this point, Miranda is crying. Her classmates noticed. Although they should have been focused on the pledge of allegiance, they were watching as Miranda cried her eyes out. They are high school students after all.

The speaker goes through the motions and leads the Pledge of Allegiance with confidence. While the other students say the words, Miranda just cannot get them out because she is overwhelmed with the entire situation.

The speaker then announces that the students should sit. Instead of following directions, Miranda ran from her seat, tears streaming down her eyes. She bound through the aisle, running toward the stage. And the speaker also started to approach her. It was someone she knew.

On the stage, the speaker dressed in military uniform was Miranda’s brother Derek. No wonder she was so happy to see him and to hear his voice recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Derek had been deployed overseas as part of the United States Air Force. He wanted to surprise her on her graduation day, so he worked with the school to get the opportunity to lead the graduates in the Pledge of Allegiance.

In the video from USA Today, you can watch Miranda break down because her military brother has arrived to surprise her. It is a heartwarming moment that you’re going to love watching.

Nearly one million people have watched this USA Today video since it was published after the 2017 graduation.

Viewers were very excited that Miranda got an emotional homecoming with her brother. He is her hero and she was so happy to see him back home safely.

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