Grandma Makes Grandson A Blanket, But There’s One Issue That Once Is Seen, Can’t Be Unseen : AWM

Grandma Makes Grandson A Blanket, But There’s One Issue That Once Is Seen, Can’t Be Unseen

We all have a grandma whose relationship we cherish and treasure. We love to go to her house for her cooking and just to spend time with her, but sometimes she can get a little out of control. There are some grandmas who love to make handmade creations in order to show us how much they love us, like that ugly Christmas sweater you got last year. There are times when grandma can go too far.

There was a photo that went around Imgur, an image sharing community on the internet, that showed how one of these creations can go really wrong. A little boy’s grandma decided to make him a really cool, knitted shark blanket. She surely spent a lot of hours and time on making this blanket.

She paid attention to the details by adding a tail so that the little boy could slip into the blanket and be warm and snuggled up. It was the right color, with teeth and everything. The one detail that she didn’t pay attention to was the placement of the dorsal fin. When the boy hopped into the blanket, the fin was placed in a very, very inappropriate place.

Poor grandma was probably mortified by what she had created but it turned into an innocent mistake that has made its’ way around the internet. The young boy probably had no idea and just thought it was a cool blanket from grandma, but mom and dad surely got a laugh out of it. It was one of those moments showing how a great idea can be poorly executed. Great effort poor execution grandma.

The world of the internet has really changed moments like these in our lives. 20 years ago, this would have been a funny family picture that your mom would have shown your fiancé during their bonding before the wedding. It would have been one of those funny family stories that started out like “Do you remember when….” The internet has changed all of that.

This is now a picture that has gone viral and been viewed more than 70,000 times by the users of Imgur. It is a demonstration of the little ways that the internet has changed the way that we live and interact. It shows how the family dynamics have changed as well.

We used to communicate with loved ones over the phone and mailed them the latest school pictures of the kids. When they lived far apart, there was the yearly family visit for everyone to get together. Now with the internet and iPhones this is not the case. Pictures can be shared immediately, no matter what time it is or where we are.

Grandparents who live 3,000 miles away can be present at a graduation due to the invention of FaceTime.
Technology has done some damage to the world, but when it is used correctly, it is a way to bring us together no matter where we are. Fathers in the military can look at their kids on a weekly basis and grandparents can look at the hilarious mistakes they make.