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Grandma Puts On Dress After 63 Years, But It’s The Reflection In The Photo That Melted My Heart

Life moves fast. As we grow up, things start coming at a pace that can be hard to keep up with. When we move out of our parents’ homes, we start our lives. We get jobs, get married, have children, buy houses, and do all the things that adults in America are expected to do. Some people don’t follow those trends – like the man we wrote about earlier this week who decided to live in an airplane in the middle of the Oregon forest – but most people live within society’s standards.

And as we go through those milestones, one after the other, we get lost in how fast time flies. But when we get a moment to step back from the hustle and bustle of life around us, we can see that our lives have been good. And it was high time for Ruth to look back at her past and reminisce.

But if Ruth’s granddaughter, Amy Buchan Kavelaras had not stopped by before her wedding day, things would never have worked out as they did. It happened when Amy was helping Ruth pack up belongings for a move. They sorted through the old, and Amy found something Ruth had stashed away decades before never to be uncovered again.

Amy had to be very convincing to get her stubborn grandmother to open the box. And when she got her to do it, Ruth pulled out a beautiful her beautiful wedding dress. Thankfully, Amy’s mom (Ruth’s daughter) was there to capture it all on video. It was Grandma Ruth’s stunning, white wedding dress. And while it had been 63 years since she wore it for her special day, Amy persuaded grandma to do one more thing – try it on.

And against the odds, it still fit her. It had been six decades and many wars and several sitting presidents, but grandma Ruth’s wedding dress still fit her all these years later.

After they captured a photo of Ruth in the dress, Amy shared it online to the Love What Matters Facebook page. As you can imagine, it instantly went viral.

“While packing up my grammy’s house to move her into an assisted living facility next month, we found her wedding dress in her attic! 63 years later she tried it on, and it still fits!”

Amy then wrote, “This is a picture of her holding her original wedding photo from 1953. My mom (their daughter) is taking this picture, and you can see her face reflecting off the glass. My Grandma Ruth stayed married to my Grandpa Jack his entire life until he died in 2000. She misses him every day. They had a love that spanned the ages. People should know this kind of love is real and is worth waiting for.”

Losing her husband was the hardest thing she ever faced in her life. So she kept her wedding dress. And now that she can wear it again, she can relive the memory of marrying the man of her dreams back in 1953 when they were both young.

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