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Grandma Raising 6 Kids Alone Starts To Cry After Getting News About Her Rent

After Ms. Ella lost the love of her life, things began to fall apart. The widow who lives in Las Vegas now has to raise six young children all by herself. But they’re not hers. They’re her great-grandchildren. Ms. Ella is seventy-two-years-old and has not gotten a moment to breathe in years. She’s the caretaker, who has sacrificed her golden years to raise more children, cooking, cleaning, taking them to school, teaching them their lessons, helping them with homework – instead of kicking up her feet to enjoy retirement.

Ms. Ella understands sacrifice and that sometimes it must be done. She is a military widow and stood by her husband as long as possible. So, when the opportunity arose that demanded Ms. Ella care for the six children, she stepped up to the challenge. She couldn’t imagine her kin living without an adequate guardian or getting thrown into the foster care system. She loves them, but it means that an elderly woman has to do it all herself, which is very exhausting.

Because she has no time to do anything but care for the six children, Ms. Ella’s home has fallen into shambles. She struggles to come up with enough money to take on anything more than the bare necessities. While the six children do not want for food or any essentials, Ms. Ella doesn’t have anything for herself. She sacrifices everything she has so those kids can grow up happy.

Ms. Ella’s story was so heartbreaking and inspiring that it was featured on YouTube. In the comments, people were quick to share their appreciation for grandmothers and great-grandmothers like her.

“Can you imagine the stress this poor woman is under at that age?”

Another wrote, “Every day she must ask God to keep her alive one more day so that those children don’t have to go to foster care if she dies.”

Because finances are perpetually tight, she thought that she and the six children would have to skip Christmas this past year. The children were okay with it because they understood that Ms. Ella struggled to keep things running in the household. However, they are kids and wanted Christmas as kids do.

Thankfully, Ms. Ella’s best friend, Alice, who lives in a distant state, came up with a secret plan to give the great-grandmother a surprise she deserved. Alice called Fox5 Surprise Squad, and the group of news correspondents rushed out to Ms. Ella’s home with a surprise the granny really needed.

As soon as Ms. Ella heard the knock on the door, she knew that this was something special. She wasn’t expecting a visitor, and she could see bright lights outside, almost like flashlights. When she opened the doors, she saw the camera crew and the correspondent holding a microphone. Surprise lighted up her face as the realization that something good was coming dawned on her.

In the video report below, you’ll see just what Ms. Ella and her six great-grandkids got for Christmas last year.

What do you think about the dedication Ms. Ella has for her family?

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