Donald Sizemore knows that his voice is special. That’s why he has a special trick up his sleeve whenever a telemarketer disrupts his daily routine with a call. Although Donald is 87-years-old, he has been mastering his Donald Duck voice for the last seventy years. Now, he has the voice down so perfectly that he can use it to harass the telemarketers who are busy harassing him and trying to eat up his time on the phone.

Inside Edition ran a report on Donald’s trick, which was filmed by his wife, Gayle. She loves watching her husband bust out his Donald Duck impression – even if he is doing it for telemarketers to get them to stop calling him. When the news source ran a report on the 87-year-old comedic genius, they also wrote the following description for the YouTube channel:

“Like all of us, Donald Sizemore is no fan of telemarketers. So when he got a call from one recently, he decided to play a little trick on them, busting out his Donald Duck impression. His wife, Gayle Sizemore, recorded the exchange. “Hewhoah? Hewwwwhoooooah, are you there?” Donald asks the unsuspecting telemarketer, who proceeds to inform him about why he’s being contacted. In the end, the telemarketer knows something’s up and ultimately hangs up.”

Thousands of fans wrote about Donald’s impression in the YouTube comments. The following are a few thoughts from viewers like you.

“Plot twist: The Donald Duck voice is his real voice, and he uses a fake voice in real life.”

“The way he doesn’t laugh while doing the impersonation seems like he’s a professional voice actor.”

“He doesn’t sound like Donald Duck. Donald Duck sounds like him.”

“‘The best thing is that you really annoyed a telemarketer.’ The best thing is his wife still laughing at this impersonation so many years later. Bless that happy couple, so heartwarming to see them happy.”

“I have a friend that speaks Japanese, he says when a telemarketer calls him, he just starts speaking Japanese, and they hang up!”

“He’s so professional that he doesn’t even laugh while doing that voice.”

“That is just amazing. He really could play the role of Donald Duck in an animated film by Disney. We wouldn’t even know the difference between him and the current voice for Donald Duck today.”

“Next time I get a call, the poor telemarketer is going to get a barrage of Barney, Scooby-Doo, and Forest Gump. Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Sizemore!”

“He’s a pro. Now, if his wife could do Daisy, they could tag team and confuse the heck out of them.”

One person wrote about how the Sizemores seem to have a loving relationship.

“This is true love. A wife filming her husband doing something weird.”

“If this man didn’t get free tickets to Disneyland, then there’s no justice in the world.”

“I like how he looks so satisfied with this.”

What do you think about this senior citizen’s Donald Duck impression? Does he do it perfectly or what?