Groom Has No Clue Bride Can Even Play Guitar, Her Surprise Has The Room In Tears (video) : AWM

Groom Has No Clue Bride Can Even Play Guitar, Her Surprise Has The Room In Tears (video)

Nowadays, it’s hard to make your wedding stand out, as so many things have been done before. There are the memorable bride and groom dances that have taken guests by surprise and there are the father/daughter dances that have managed to melt the hearts of millions. Entire bridal parties have even managed to pull off coordinated dances that have wowed the guests. Even dogs have made appearances at weddings.

So, in today’s world of constant wedding videos circulating the internet, how do you make yours stand out from the rest?

Well, for one, you have to have some talent, and the bride in the video below has proven that she not only has talent, but her voice is so angelic, it can bring a man to tears.

The video starts out with the newly married couple standing before their guests. The groom is thanking everyone for sharing their special day with them and he offers a toast to the audience. As soon as the groom is done speaking, the bride informs him that she has a toast for him and that it will take a couple of minutes to set up. The groom looks a bit confused and follows her comment up with a curious, “Uh oh.”

She tells everyone to talk amongst themselves as she prepares for her toast, which naturally piques everyone’s interest. When she is ready, she stands at the microphone holding a guitar in front of the table where the groom is sitting. Beside her, one of the groomsmen starts playing an instrument. And then it happens. The bride starts singing Emily Hearn’s song, Found a Heart.

The following lyrics can be heard in the bride’s angelic voice in the video below…

“Even though I make mistakes, I know I’m ready. I found a heart that was just like mine… It’s a kind of love that can make you fly and I would do anything to see him smile…”

The catchy song is uplifting and sweet. Toward the end of the bride’s performance, the guests at the wedding start clapping along. You can see the emotion on the groom’s face as he watches the love of his life serenade him and it looks like he is trying hard not to tear up.

One commenter shared his own memory of seeing his bride on his wedding day…

“Just seeing my beautiful wife walking down the aisle brought me to tears and it was all I could do to get the vows said without breaking down. I’m not sure but I hope every man is convinced that the woman walking down the aisle is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. And 45 years hasn’t changed that vision I still have in my head of that sweet young girl.”

This couple is lucky to have found each other and they are obviously a good match. While it’s not a surprise dance or a major announcement, the song added the perfect touch to the wedding and the guests and groom will always remember the bride’s talented cover of the song.