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Grown Man Has Given Up his Life To Live It As A Woman’s Pet Dog (video)

With seven billion people on planet Earth, some people are going to be different. We cannot all be the same especially with so much diversity and dynamism going on around us. Some of us fall in love with food, others learn to enjoy the outdoors, and some dive deep into the fantasy worlds of books, comics, and films. But one man has a particularly strange hobby. And he probably wouldn’t even hesitate to admit it is odd.

This man dresses up as a spotted Dalmatian and lives life as a pet dog.

While this man’s passion seems extraordinary, a whole community of people actually does it. They make costumes to resemble their favorite canine breeds, and then they put them on and pretend to be a dog.

These people put on a dog collar and walk about on all fours. And they allow their human owner to command them as if they were a pup.

32-year-old Tom Peters is one of the most committed dog impersonators. He appeared on the British show This Morning. And during his visit on the program, Tom, who prefers to respond to his name “Spot,” talked about why he dresses up as a puppy and become a dog.

Without the costume, he would not be able to be as committed to his role. But with it on, he dives into it as if he really was a dog that looked to its human for guidance and love.

When he is dressed as Spot, Peters lives as authentically like a dog as he can. Although he may be much bigger than a typical Dalmatian, he still has a cute look. He sleeps near his dog cage. He walks on all fours. He eats dog treats from his bowl. And he enjoys a belly rub when he can get it.

He desires to live life in the dog costume all the time. But life comes with responsibilities. So during the day, he works as a lighting and theater technician. But as soon as he’s off the clock, he’s no longer Tom Peters. He’s Spot.

Peters appeared on the morning show so he could teach others about his way of life as a canine cosplayer. His lifestyle is unique, but he wants to dismiss the misconceptions that people have when he tells them that he lives life as a dog.

“People think of it as seedy and that no one should see it,” Peters said. “But we’re not there to cause mischief. We’re there to have fun and literally be treated like a puppy.”

While some people assume Peters dresses like a dog so another human can dominate him in a “sexual” way, he claims it has nothing to do with that.

“It’s not a sexual thing. It is a lifestyle. It’s just escapism. To get away from money and the hectic lifestyle we have.”

Although he claims it is nothing but an escape, he did have a twinkle in his eye when he called it a “catalyst” that can “lead on” to exciting things.

“Because you relax and unwind, you could start from being a puppy and lead onto something in the bedroom.”