Guy Brings Small Plastic Looking Flower Onto Antiques Roadshow, Sets Record For Priciest Item : AWM

Guy Brings Small Plastic Looking Flower Onto Antiques Roadshow, Sets Record For Priciest Item

After hearing the success story surrounding this item, you might try to visit your local crafting materials shop to build one for yourself. Sadly, things don’t quite work that way. Really, the only way to score big on Antiques Roadshow is to be serendipitously in possession of an item with inexplicable, almost nonsensical value.


What might that item be, in this case? That will be revealed a little ways below. For now, here’s one hint: it’s normally in the shape of an egg

Those who follow Antiques Roadshow on any consistent basis will know that the item made history. In fact, the head producer of the show said that it’s “one of the most significant finds in 40 years of Antiques Roadshow history.”

Figure out what it is yet? It isn’t a Dali painting or an ancient roman coin collection. It isn’t a Fabergé Egg, though that’s a lot warmer.

In fact, the item in question is a Fabergé flower, with petals made from Fabergé holding onto a golden stem.

The most famous pieces of the item’s jeweler are Fabergé Eggs. A highly sought-after collection, Fabergé Eggs were produced in Imperial Russia. Seen as a symbol of the times, the Eggs represent the sad fall of the Romanov family.

The Fabergé Eggs are legends of the antiquing world, with some pieces coming in at inexplicable value. For instance, one egg was valued at $33 million in 2015. In fact, that same egg was almost mistaken as a piece of scrap metal and was close to being thrown away.

To say the least, these are not your average eggs.


Equally, the Fabergé flower is not your average flower. Although its price tag doesn’t approach that of some of the Fabergé eggs that have been documented, its value is objectively formidable nonetheless. Indeed, it is one of the most expensive items featured on the show yet.

So far, the people behind Antiques Roadshow have not opted to release any information surrounding the owner. They do this in part to secure the owner’s privacy, at least for the time being, and to build suspense for the show. Also, they have not opted to release much information about the item, with only sparse footage available. This leaves much to the imagination, and it isn’t surprising why one’s imagination would run wild at the thought of a flower being worth well over one million dollars.

We’ll just have to wait until next season of Antiques Roadshow to find out more. As we watch it, and during the time leading up to it, we can imagine wistfully that we were the ones to be in possession of that very pretty – though not that pretty – flower, and that it can be our sole vehicle to a breezy, carefree retirement.

But no, most of us will have to labor away, as we always have, to make a living. No Fabergé flowers hidden in the closet for us, and definitely no Fabergé eggs stocked in the fridge. At least we can watch people get rich on TV. And this lucky man is now $1.26 Million dollars richer.