Guy Exposes Scam Popular Restaurant Pulls On Millions Of People A Year (video) : AWM

Guy Exposes Scam Popular Restaurant Pulls On Millions Of People A Year (video)

If you are educated in advertising then you probably know a bit about the mind games that advertisers play in order to get their customers to get hooked and become consumers of their products. Advertisers are so gifted that they can even make you think that drinking alcohol is healthy and will make you more successful in both the bedroom and the office.When it comes to advertising, it’s all about the image. It’s for this reason that billboards across America show a sexy woman drinking a martini or a glass of wine, eluding to the fact that she booze will give her liquid courage and make her appear like she’s got it all together.

The same goes for those old-school cigarette commercials. Remember when they made it look like you’d instantly transform into a strong and healthy cowboy. Considering smokers are much more likely to lose their lives to lung cancer, then these ads are far from believable.

A similar trick of the eye scheme was exposed at a fast food restaurant recently, and it was all caught on camera. When one clever person realized that the unknown restaurant was selling three different sized beverages, that were essentially the same size, they decided to film it and show the world exactly how the soda fit into the small, medium and large sizes. Yet, the company was selling them for three different prices, the largest one costing the most amount of money of course.

In the video, you can see that the three cups are all shaped different, yet they give the appearance that the large is the tallest of the three, as to be expected. But if you look closely, the largest cup has a very narrow bottom, making it appear that it is tall but it is actually very thin at the bottom. The smallest cup appears to be very similar to the medium sized cup, however; it must be a tad wider than the medium cup in order to fit the same amount.

In any event, if you are a lover of fast food, then you should beware of this type of scam. These restaurants are probably making loads of dough all because of this little trick of the eye. Be smarter than them and ask to see the cups up close before you make a purchase and decide on a drink size. It may be in your best interest to always pay for a small cup, considering it’s essentially the exact same size as the large for the same amount of money. Or, you can really be sure and purchase yourself a bottle of soda at a nearby convenience store.

There is a good chance that restaurants are doing this type of advertising with their other products as well. Maybe that super-sized meal isn’t as super-sized as you thought it was. As they say….looks can be deceiving. Sometimes it’s best to do your homework when it comes to sizes and prices at restaurants before you fork over your hard-earned cash.