Guy Hears Loud Noise Coming From Garbage Bin, Looks Inside To Find Utter Nightmare (video) : AWM

Guy Hears Loud Noise Coming From Garbage Bin, Looks Inside To Find Utter Nightmare (video)

We all hate rodents. Maybe some biologist who does research lab experiments on rats every day has come to form a special bond with these pests, but that is a pretty big maybe. For all the rest of us, we have no reason to care much for rats. They inhabit the walls of our apartment buildings and take refuge in the sewers under which we live. Could it not be that rats are the most hated, nudging just ahead of cockroaches on the list of most hated creatures on the planet?

Recent video footage of these pests has emerged from Paris, a city that is no stranger to the workings of the rat. The most recent occasion with the fury pieces of trash will only induce more people to hate the rat.

French media is reporting that massive sewer rats are literally jumping up and biting at the necks of passers-by and tourists. The rodents were spotted in a rubbish bin and emerged out of the human detritus in such a size that all of France has been caught stunned and disgusted.

The one video that everyone is talking about was shot just this past week and can be seen below…

The location of the shot is right in the heart of the tourist part of Paris – close to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine. What better place could these rats have chosen to show themselves than right in the heart of the tourist section? The mayor of Paris is likely extremely unimpressed at this public display of the fine old city.

The story of the jumping rats was first discussed by local newspaper La Parisien. According to a local politician, it has been far more than just one incident of a flying rat going for the next of some poor unsuspecting pedestrian.

“For the past year, there’s been a proliferation of rats in all areas bordering the Seine. A colleague told me that a rat jumped at this throat, and another towards his arm. To my knowledge, there haven’t been any bites for the moment, but we shouldn’t be waiting for a tragedy.”

This comes on the heels of a major extermination project initiated by the city. A reported 1.4 million euros was spent to remove rats permanently from places in which they are known to inhabit in large numbers. It is probably the case that such efforts were impactful for two or three months. The thought that removing all the rats from the downtown is a possibility is, as we are learning now, just some wishful thinking.

“We’re going backward” say the same council person quoted above. “For both Parisians and tourists, who come to visit the most beautiful city in the world.”

This person has said it perfectly. How will it be for tourists the next time they think about visiting Paris? They will probably choose to go to some newer and cleaner city where rat infestation is not a daily concern. It is a shame that Paris has to deal with this, but no one should be surprised.