Guy Jogging By River, Spots Scary Object In Plain Sight; Cops Quickly Swarm The Area : AWM

Guy Jogging By River, Spots Scary Object In Plain Sight; Cops Quickly Swarm The Area

In Pennsylvania, a jogger getting in some exercise came upon something they never thought they would. As they were going along their route, they found a round from an armor-piercing tank just lying there on the ground. The jogger immediately went to flag down the police to get some help. This discovery was made while the jogger was enjoying a run in Harrisburg, Virginia, in the area of the Front Street River Walk, a popular area to take a run, especially in the early morning hours.

After getting the attention of the police, they called in the bomb squad to better assess the object and to determine how dangerous it might be just lying there.

Officers were able to determine that it was likely a tank Sabot projectile.

They police immediately secured the area and then the Pennsylvania State Police Bomb Squad got a call and came out to the scene because they are who would be able to identify and secure the item as safely as possible. Once they arrived on the scene they were able to make a confirmation and stated that it was indeed a Sabot projectile.

No other explosives were found and the police, along with bomb-sniffing dogs, did a thorough walkthrough and investigation of the area. They are going to continue to investigate why this projectile was just sitting there out in the open like that. It does not appear that it had been launched from anywhere. It looks more like someone just set it on the ground and walked away. It will surely be examined by forensic experts in the area to see if something like fingerprints were left behind.

This definitely had to be terrifying for the jogger because they had no way of knowing whether it was live or not. They had no idea about whether it could explode at any minute. The area where it was found is very popular among joggers, so one has to wonder how no one else saw it. Maybe they did and just did not realize what it was or the danger that it could pose under certain circumstances.

This incident has the area talking because people want to be able to solve the mystery about where it came from. It is likely a local had it, but why they decided to just place it in that area on the ground remains unknown. Some people are speculating that it was just a prank, but without knowing who did it, everything is just speculation at this point.

Even if it was just a prank that was done without ill intentions, it is important for people to realize what they are doing. This resulted in a wealth of police resources having to spend hours combing the area to make sure that there were no explosives or anything else dangerous left behind. This costs the taxpayers money and it could have taken the police away from matters of importance, such as helping other people experiencing real emergencies at the same time.