Guy Notices Stranger Hanging Around Graves Of Veterans, Documents What He’s Doing To Them : AWM

Guy Notices Stranger Hanging Around Graves Of Veterans, Documents What He’s Doing To Them

On Sunday, Andrew Lumish wanted to do something special. He filled up a large bag and then lugged it over to the local cemetery. As the owner of a Florida cleaning company, he spends his workweek scrubbing people’s floors and detailing their kitchens. Lumish’s company is known for their hard work and ability to please. But while he spends more hours than a regular employee on the job, he still makes time on the weekends to visit graves a pay his respects to the dead veterans. But this time, he was being watched…


Although he has only one day off each week, Lumish visits the cemetery for one special reason. He wants to scrub veterans’ stones clean. He works on his hands and knees until the gravestone shine in the sun. Because he is a hardworking business owner, he feels that this is the best way for him to give back to those who spent their lives fighting for American democracy and freedom.

Because he brings a special cleaning solution, Lumish works hard to make sure they shine clean. He helps turn the government issue stones into pristine memorials. And as you can imagine, the family members who comes to visit their deceased loved ones couldn’t be happier with Lumish’s work.

On his days off during the last two years, Lumish has cleaned and polished more than 300 gravestones. After he completes his volunteer work, he shares a “before and after” image on his company’s Facebook page. Not only is this a great way for him to promote his business, he is doing something that others respect.

The Facebook account he has created for the before and after photos is called “The Good Cemetarian.” Because Lumish shows up at these graves often, the family of these fallen soldiers and service people are happy to know that Lumish is there to remember them.

In the video below, you’ll see how Lumish turns a dirty and mossy tombstone into a memorial.

The video report from CBS below had been viewed thousands of times. And as you can guess, viewers had a lot of great things to say about Lumish and the good work he does.

“I would like to visit it since I make trips to Tampa often. You’re a good man Andrew, God bless,” Vesper Martini wrote.


Travis Repine replied, “I second that one. Very humbling what he does. His motto would be: You may be lost to us, but you are NEVER forgotten to me and others who fight for what’s right…”

“It’s difficult to imagine all those that gave their lives to fight a war (any war) and then to be forgotten,” Vesper wrote back.

“My parents are both army vets and this brought a tear to my eye. Amazing work,” shared one viewer.

“We should all do this.  Maybe not every Sunday, but if we all did a little bit – imagine that,” wrote Mephx.

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