Guy Quickly Solves Impressive Bonus Round. Can You Guess It Correctly Too? (see answer) : AWM

Guy Quickly Solves Impressive Bonus Round. Can You Guess It Correctly Too? (see answer)

People love a good brain teaser, which is why a good percentage of America is hooked on popular game shows like Wheel of Fortune. The popular game show has been on the air since January 6, 1975, and has people tuning in daily, on a mission to see just how smart they are. The object of the game is to solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman. Contestants get very hyped up because their winning cash and prizes are determined by a giant carnival wheel that they have to push. One of the reasons why viewers continue to tune in is because it gets them fired up and keeps them on the edge of their seats when the contestants spin the wheel. Over the years the format of the show has changed but the popularity has remained the same and it has gone from a daytime show to an evening syndicated program.


Over the years, Wheel of Fortune has gathered their top moments and shared them with the world. These have included epic goof-ups, ditzy answers and magical moments where a contestant answers an extremely challenging puzzle.

The video below captures a contestant as he solves an impressive bonus round.

At the start, the contestant selects his chosen letters and they are flipped over on the board, revealing part of the second word but nothing of the first word. The letters N, E, G, H, O, R are the letters that are guessed on the second word, which leads us to believe the word is “neighbor.” The contestant is then allowed to think about the final answer for ten seconds, and he miraculously comes up with the final answer.

Out of all the words, he could’ve chosen and he managed to come up with that one winning word. What are the chances!? When Pat Sajak announces that he chose the correct answer…the man even looks surprised. It looks like even he was shocked by the random choice of words. He ended up winning $54,200 and he had no shortage of smiles when he waved to the camera at the end of the show.


Check out the video below to see how his correct answer unfolded on TV.

Commenters shared their awe with the man’s impressive solving skills…

“I knew the last was neighbor but couldn’t figure out the first word when he solved the puzzle I was stunned.”

“So many mind-blowing solves this season.”

And some felt that the show was somehow rigged and he actually answered wrong but got the reward anyway…

“There’s no way that’d be the answer. Remember, the H, E, and O were already filled in.”

The fact that he managed to pick out the correct five letter word is pretty impressive considering the many other options that he could’ve chosen. Commenters shared what they thought the correct answer might be…

“I thought it was noisy neighbor at first.”

“LUCKY NEIGHBOR sigh I just can’t win.”

Were you able to guess the puzzle correctly? Be honest!