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Artist Spent The Last 14 Years Locked In His Home, Finally Lets Cameras In To See Masterpiece

For 14 years, Robert Burns wouldn’t let any cameras near the house where he was working. But people kept seeing him walk inside and disappear for hours at a time. Day after day and week after week people started gossiping about what Burns was doing in the property. But in reality, he was simply transforming the council house, which is a type of public housing in the United Kingdom, into something utterly breathtaking.

Inspired by the art work done by Renaissance painters in the Vatican City, he decided to do something just as pristine with his property. And now he has a stellar piece of art to share with the world.

Robert didn’t really have any grand plans when he started painting his home. He simply decided to give it a go one day. And in the end, the Brighton, East Sussex property slowly started taking shape as he put paint to the walls and just went for the inspired creation. And his wife didn’t mind at all that he was painting the walls to their home. Instead she was glad something creative was occupying her husband.

“I loved the Renaissance artwork and was hooked straight away. It didn’t stop me that I’ve never been to Italy,” he said. “I am delighted it’s finished but to be honest I’ll probably keep adding to it.”

Robert would study books of Renaissance art for hours at a time. He would absorb the beautiful images and allow the skilled artists’ work to become part of his body and soul. He never saw the paintings in person, but he still found the way to make the art into his experience.

Now after 14 years of hard work, Robert Burns has transformed rooms in his public house into something that you’d only see in the Vatican. His hallway, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are all superbly painted just like the master painters of the Renaissance did.

Robert was not planning to go this far with his project. But since he was having so much fun with it, he decided there was no need to stop.

“I asked my wife Linda if she thought it looked like a dog’s breakfast and she said she thought about it and she said she thought it was excellent — so I blamed her for me continuing,” he said. “Some days I spend up to six hours a day painting in the house and I’m very proud to be living here. I don’t plan on moving, unless I win the lottery.”

According to the Caters Clips YouTube video description, “A retired decorator who found inspiration in car boot art books has turned his council house into a renaissance work of art. Robert Burns, 69, has spent the past 14 years painting every inch of his three-bedroom home in the style of a 15th Century palace. He has recreated the works of the world’s most famous artists – including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo – in the property in Brighton, Sussex. While millions of tourists flock to Italy and the Vatican each year to view the originals, retired decorator Robert starting giving a few tours of his home. Unlike the medieval masterpieces, however, Robert’s works are dotted with contemporary celebrities including Jamie Oliver, Russell Brand and Wayne Rooney.”

Watch the video to get a tour of this man’s beautiful home.

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