Guy Spots Snake With Odd Looking Bumps Inside Body, Hits Record. Captures Rare Event : AWM

Guy Spots Snake With Odd Looking Bumps Inside Body, Hits Record. Captures Rare Event

Snakes are not known for being careful eaters. They often take in more than their bodies can hold. While their jaws do hinge open to allow them to swallow prey much bigger than themselves and their stomachs do stretch to accommodate a lot of food, they still have their limits. Just because a snake can eat an entire bull calf, for instance, doesn’t mean it is a good idea or that it should.

And the same is true for this cobra caught eating more than it could handle.

As the video below demonstrates, it had swallowed six large eggs. And for some reason, probably because it was too much food for its stomach to digest, the snake is caught on camera tossed them back up one after the other. Watch the shocking clip below to get a good look at how this cobra responds to being too full.

The video below shows exactly what happens when a cobra is caught eating too much. Some viewers attest that it wasn’t too full but too full to get away from the human threat. For that reason, the snake started tossing up its lunch to make itself lighter and to make escape easier.

According to the video uploaded by ANI News Official, “In a rare incident, a Cobra swallowed seven eggs and threw up six of them in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj District. A video shows the snake gulping the eggs and taking six of them out instantly.  The incident happened in Baldhia area that comes under the jurisdiction of the Similipal Tiger Reserve. The species is predominantly found in forests of Southeast Asia.”

As you can imagine, this video sparked a huge conversation online. Here were some of the most popular comments:

“I startled my garter snake as she was swallowing a piece of chopped up cod, she spat it out and immediately started eating it again.”

“Snakes are like my worst and biggest nightmares and this was disgusting ewwwww”

“It was threatened by you so it throw up to lighten its body. next time use hidden camera. unless it has bulimia. ha. ha.”

One user had a few bones to pick with the description uploaded by the video channel.

“That’s not a king cobra and it was throwing because it was scared and wanted to escape. Should have left him alone as he already consumed the egg and there was no point in harassing it.”

Others had experience with their own snakes that spoke to this video.

“I’ve heard of worse though, a guy on an internet reptile forum said he saw his hognose snake (venomous species that’s not dangerous to humans) regurgitate the mouse it had eaten the day before and then immediately start eating it again, puked up rodent is one of the worst smells imaginable, I smelled what I thought was dead snake, pulled the lid of the enclosure, lifted up the piece of log the snake likes to hide under to find the cornsnake glaring up at me giving me stink eye for disturbing her, then I noticed the puked up mouse in the corner of her cage.”

Watch the video now and tell us if you’ve ever had an encounter like this with a snake!

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