He Agreed To Get Hooked Up To This Machine As A Gift To His Wife, And Regretted It Immediately : AWM

He Agreed To Get Hooked Up To This Machine As A Gift To His Wife, And Regretted It Immediately

Trying to get the perfect Mother’s Day gift is almost impossible. While flowers and a card are the classics, it doesn’t exactly scream, “heartfelt” the way that some other more thoughtful gifts could. So one husband decided to go straight to the source, and ask his wife exactly what she wanted for Mother’s Day. He clearly wasn’t prepared for the answer!

The Holderness Family is no stranger to viral videos, with over 250,000 Youtubers already following their family journey. But this episode for 2015 really captured the heart of their family and the love between them.

Penn was probably expecting his wife to ask for a nice dinner or a trip somewhere. But instead she decided to make Penn do something totally out of the box to celebrate her motherhood – experience it himself!

While a man obviously can’t become pregnant, science has come far enough that doctors can simulate the experience and the pain of childbirth. The purpose of this seems to be little more than wives trying to hold one over their husbands, but Penn was up to the task.

The doctor starts the procedure by ordering Penn to lay down on the table and put his feet in the stirrups. After just 5 seconds, he’s already looking pretty apprehensive about the whole thing.

“The uterus contracts, we’re going to get your rectus muscles to contract,” the doctor tells Penn.

“Where did that come from? This wasn’t part of the deal!?” Penn exclaims.

At first, they simulate early labor and Penn is already groaning in pain. This is the pain that occurs before a pregnant woman would even call the doctor.

“I don’t want you in my face right now,” Penn tells his wife.

Clearly he bit off more than he can chew with this particular holiday gift! Once the pain turns up to active labor level, he can’t even talk. He just shrieks in pain and keeps punching the pad behind his head.

“When I relaxed, I got better but when I was in pain, I just clench up,” he continues.

Pain is hitting a seven by the next stage, and his wife finally says that he can stop it. He did his best to experience childbirth, but apparently, this is as close as a man is going to come.

“I thank you very much for doing this. I feel very bad, I’m very sorry,” she eventually says.

The point is certainly made, because Penn now totally understands why his wife was mad at him throughout the labor process. Even though she was just calming him down, he still felt that she was causing the pain. While it was indirect, it’s an interesting comparison to the feelings a woman giving birth could feel towards her husband who is indirectly “causing the pain.”

Fortunately, women do have hormones like progesterone that help to aid in the pregnancy process so it’s not a perfect comparison. Penn definitely wins husband of the year for going through all that though!

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