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He Asked His Wife An Honest Question. Now All Her Friends Want Her To Get A Divorce

One of the primary reasons marriages fail is that the partners are not communicating. When people keep secrets and do not share their honest feelings, marriages become strained and tense. But what if someone communicates too honestly? This story shows that when one husband was too honest with his 38-year-old wife, he risked losing the entire relationship.

The husband in the story had begun to have feelings for other women. But he wanted to be “honest” with his wife about it. Instead of sneaking around behind her back and sleeping with another woman, he sat her down and asked for her permission for him to engage in an affair. The wife and mother was shocked. She could not believe that her husband asked her if he could sleep with another woman.

Because the husband had been brutally honest about his desire to be with other women, it was hurtful to the wife who has been “crying constantly” ever since she got the news.

Because she could not hold it in anymore, the wife turned to the internet to share her story. She logged onto Reddit and wrote about how her 39-year-old husband wanted to see other women, asking her permission to commit adultery.

“Last week my husband asked if he could talk about something serious. I said, ‘yes of course.’ We are always very open and honest with each other. He tells me that he has been very distracted lately looking at other women and he hopes it hasn’t bothered me too much.”

This horrified the wife who had noticed him “staring at younger women.” But she was willing to forgive that because “there is no harm in looking.”

However, that’s when the husband dropped the bomb on their marriage.

“It’s not a problem for me if he isn’t obvious about it, and I tell him so. He asks me to tell him if I notice it again so he can stop. I say that’s not my job and tell him he can stop on his own.

“We keep talking until he blurts out that he is thinking a lot about what it might be like to have sex with someone else.”

He insists that he only wants to have a “fling” with a younger woman, but upon hearing her husband’s bizarre request, the wife is convinced that their marriage can now only end in divorce. She has learned too much. Despite her insistence on honesty, it is clear that some things must never be spoken.

“How is that fair to me or her. He offers to have a one night stand or hire an escort if it makes me more comfortable.”

Obviously, the thought of her husband with a prostitute does not make the wife more comfortable.

“How the f*** is that more comfortable. I’m crying constantly, and I keep thinking this has to end in divorce.”

The woman revealed that her husband had never kissed another woman before they met. He has since requested that they legally separate for some months before “reconnecting” with each other. He is desperate to see other women.

Readers online are sympathetic toward the wife.