He Called The Woman Sitting Next To Him On The Plane A “Lump of Lard,” And Now He’s In Big Trouble : AWM

He Called The Woman Sitting Next To Him On The Plane A “Lump of Lard,” And Now He’s In Big Trouble

A young businessman thought he was better than the other “sweaty” airline passengers, so he decided to turn to social media to shame them. Although the young man thought all the passengers were dirty and disgusting, the person he detested most happened to be in the seat next to him. To make her suffer as much as he felt he was suffering, he decided to snap a secret picture of the woman and share a post on Facebook about her, calling her a “lump of lard.”

24-year-old Lewis Openshaw, who calls himself a businessman, paid more for a window seat on his flight. But when the woman in the middle seat squeezed in next to him, he felt he was being ripped off because he didn’t have the enjoyable experience he had hoped for.

Openshaw, a self-proclaimed big shot, snapped a picture of the other passenger and then proceeded to ream her on social media. Instead of having the courage to say something in person, he cowardly turned to the internet to vent his disgust for overweight people.

Besides hating on the woman next to him, Lewis Openshaw claimed the flight was filled with “fatties” who he was better than. Then he made a racial slur about people of Pakistani origin living in Jamaica.

So what did this “hot shot” businessman write? The following:

“Just my f***ing luck. I pay extra for a window seat on a row with no one on. So sit down now a big fat sweaty f*** with a hairy chin with a minging face like she’s headbutted a flaky cheese and bean pasty from Greggs and she stinks of raw onions comes and sits next to me. F*** right off.”

Openshaw not only fat shamed the woman and made a racist comment, but he also lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester and now has to face the fallout from his hateful remarks.

A friend named Lee Higham egged Openshaw on by reacting with laughing emojis. Openshaw then wrote, “I’m f***ing fuming mate. Can’t even put my arm on the armrest cause of her 6×4 biceps.”

Another person begged for a photo. Openshaw promised he would oblige.

“I will when she’s asleep. She’ll t*** me. She’s a right lump of lard.”

Openshaw waited for the perfect chance to capture the woman’s image so he could shame her publicly online.

Then Openshaw publicly wrote, “Ladies and gentleman, I introduce (to) you the culprit! (Name) the lump of lard.”

It did not take long for Openshaw’s open hatred for overweight people to bit him in the behind. He came up with a story about how he never intended for his fat-shaming posts to be public – then he deleted them in vain.

Dr. Stuart Flint called Lewis’s cowardly fat-shaming posts “exactly like playground bullying.”

Dr. Flint added, “You can see from some of the emojis used that it is perceived as quite comical as if it is a joke. Fat jokes are perceived as acceptable. In terms of impact, the first thing I would say is the impact is great. No matter what the subject, stigma discrimination is not acceptable. It doesn’t have to be just about weight. You have to think about the impact on the person. It can be quite vast and very serious. It could impact their mental and physical health but also self-harming and suicidal thoughts.”

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