He Came From School To Find A Huge Box In His Living Room, Screams When He Sees What’s Inside : AWM

He Came From School To Find A Huge Box In His Living Room, Screams When He Sees What’s Inside

When this video starts, it couldn’t be more mundane. A young boy is trudging home through the grass in the front yard after a long, hard day at school. But then his mother, clearly upset, shouts out to him and gets his attention. It’s a simple question, but one that makes the schoolboy, Connor Dobbyn, stop in his tracks. The reason for his surprise is that his mother just mentioned his beloved brother’s name. Just doing that gets Connor excited because he admires and worships his brother Brad.

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me that Brad sent you something?” his mother shouts.

She is Jessica Poth and came home to a massive box in the middle of her living room. Connor didn’t know anything about the package. So he hurried up to the Cleveland, South Carolina home and rushes through the front door. There is the massive package that his mother is all upset about.

He can’t hold back his surprise. Connor even utters a curse word in front of his mother. She’s not happy about that. But this moment is not about punishment. It is about the surprise delivery in the living room from Connor’s brother Brad Merek.

Connor is so excited to have gotten a package from Brad because his older brother has been away for some months training to be a soldier in the United States Army. Because Brad’s training was drawing to a close, he wanted to surprise his beloved brother, so he had a package shipped to his South Carolina home.

As Connor begins to peel off the blue tape holding the box together, his excitement burst through his fingertips.

But after the box gets partially open, Connor jolts back. A sound erupts from the package that startles him. And it takes Connor a long while to relax and realize that it was a voice. And that voice belonged to his Army brother Brad.

After that Brad climbs out of the box to reveal himself. The dogs run over to celebrate his arrival, but it is Connor who has everyone smiling.

The fourth-grade boy shouts, “Oh shoot! Oh yes!!!”

You can tell by his reaction that he worships his older brother. He must not only look up to him as a role model because he is older but because he was willing to put his life on the line to protect Connor and other Americans as a soldier in the Army.

The two brothers, who have been separated for some months, embrace in an energetic hug. Connor is jumping up and dancing as he falls into the arms of his big brother Brad.

As Brad holds onto Connor, the young boy moans painfully. He is not being hurt. His emotions are coming through. He had tried to be tough while his brother was away on training, but having him gone was too hard for the young boy. And knowing that he could be sent off to war was a burden that Connor had been trying to ignore ever since Brad told him he was joining the Army.

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