When a teenager who had done wrong was gearing up to face a jury, he got on a phone call from jail and revealed his plan. The boy, who apparently did not realize that outgoing calls are recorded, told the person on the other end of the line everything he planned to do. And when the day of his court appearance came, he followed through with his plan exactly as he said he would.

Fortunately, the truth about the pissant’s plan backfired completely. No one fell for his lies as he stood in court and pretended to feel bad about what he had done.

In court, Dylan Schumaker pleaded his case and told the victim’s mother that he was remorseful for having killed him. Schumaker, a sixteen-year-old, beat a 23-month-old boy to death.

Schumaker appeared in court and prepared his eyes for tears. He and his defense attorney fought for the minimum sentence for the teenager who killed the toddler.

With tears in his eyes, Schumaker said, “I can’t take back what was done. I wish I could. I’d give my life for Austin. I loved him a lot.”

The killer’s attorney Joseph Terranova then spoke, “Austin Smith was completely defenseless. That is a given. But there were other dynamics at work there, including my client’s inability to either control his anger or frustration and his inexperience in babysitting.”

The judge then objected with his own remark. “Based on (Schumaker’s) short life now, what is to say he won’t do it again?”

Terranova responded, “We don’t know that. I think it is completely unlikely. It was a situational, circumstantial thing.”

Judge M. William Boller did not let Schumaker stand in court without revealing a horrible thing he did.

“The record will show that you admitted on July 23, 2013, in a phone call to your mother from a holding center you stated: “I am a sixteen-year-old blond. Probably all I have to do is cry in front of the jury, and they’re going to feel sorry for me.”

Schumaker did not receive the sentence he wished for. He got 25 years to life for killing a defenseless toddler and not feeling bad about it.

Commenters on Reddit were shocked that he would say such a thing on a recorded phone line.

“I’ve got so many transcripts from the county jail, and every time I can’t believe the gold mine of information I just got. The one that stands out to me was a 30-year-old gang member who saw a young teen wearing the wrong color shirt and jumped out of the car and stabbed him multiple times. He admitted it to another person on a phone call. I think he went away for 20 years.”

“I was on a grand jury when a few situations regarding recorded jail calls came up. Nothing this heinous; it was a robbery/beating though. The guy in jail was trying to be slick, telling his gf to ‘take out all the trash in his closet.’ The officer presenting to us said they went right to the dumpster at his place and found a single bag with the clothes he was wearing/blood stains/shoes, which was enough to indict in light of other evidence.”

What do you think about this teenage killer’s remarks about being blond?