He Didn’t Recognize This Animal Walking Around His Backyard. Screamed When He Got A Closer Look : AWM

He Didn’t Recognize This Animal Walking Around His Backyard. Screamed When He Got A Closer Look

A freakish deer has been spotted roaming the woods of New Jersey. And after one man saw the beast stomping through the town of Colts Neck, he called the Monmouth County SPCA to investigate. These animal rescue experts were taken aback by the man’s description of the deer. And they were doubtful that he had seen what he had seen. The man claimed that the deer’s head seemed to have its head stuck in a glass bowl. And because of its handicap, its herd abandoned it.

Because it is their job to handle these issues, the Monmouth County SPCA got into their vehicles and went to investigate. They sent out their Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Control division to check out the freakish deer. Before long they came upon the animal. But they realized that it was not a glass bowl after all, but an ancient light fixture that some hooligan threw into the woods. Apparently, one person did not understand the value of recycling glass and adequately throwing away their trash.

The animal rescue team sedated the deer. And from there they worked to remove it. They believed that the glass bowl was probably filled with water before it got stuck to the deer’s head. The animal probably dunked his head down in it to gobble up a drink of rainwater, and that’s when it got stuck in place.

Thankfully, the white-tailed deer was seen by the concerned Colts Neck citizen. And the rescue team got to work over the Easter weekend to save its life. But it was not easy. MCSPCA joined the search plus New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife workers and the Humane Law Enforcement officers. It was a massive undertaking because this male deer was not friendly.

Nevertheless, the team of rescuers joined together to free this wild buck from the glass bowl trapped on his head. Because white-tailed deer travel in herds, it was odd to see the lone buck. Perhaps, his herd abandoned him when they saw the glass bowl.

The MCSPCA website writes that “certain species will treat members as outcasts if they look different or are injured so not to invite predators or disrupt the integrity of the herd.”

The rescue team sedated the deer, and then they removed the glass bowl from his head. While they had him drugged up, they also tagged him so they could track him moving forward.

They also noticed that the buck had been wounded. Although these injuries were minor, the experts suspect they happened while the deer was unable to see well because of the glass bowl. It was probably running into all sorts of trees and rocks.

After some time the buck woke up from the drugs. And then it wandered off. Not long later, they received another call about this buck and how a homeowner saw it had laid down and struggled to breathe.

MCSPCA sent out their vet tech Deann Bowen to administer 600 ml of fluids to the dying deer. They hoped this would fix what they had done wrong the first time.

“After we administered the fluids, his head perked right up, and after a few minutes his breathing returned to normal.”

It worked. And because he no longer had a glass globe on his head, he joined his herd.