He Divorces His Wife Immediately After Uncovering What She Spent $19,000 On : AWM

He Divorces His Wife Immediately After Uncovering What She Spent $19,000 On

Alice was a mother of five kids. But she was never satisfied. She had always wanted more children. But because she was diagnosed with an anemic condition, her life was in the balance. If she got pregnant, her health could be at risk. Although doctors told her that she would never have a baby ever again, she decided to prove them wrong much to her husband’s distaste. Alice has invested thousands of dollars into buying expensive baby dolls that she feeds, changes and bathes just like they were real humans.

Alice has filled her family’s home with these baby dolls that she treats like her own. These Reborn Dolls are made from vinyl and makes them look very much life like. And they are so real that they can cost as much as $2,000 each.

But that hasn’t stopped Alice from investing her family’s money into her baby doll hobby. Although her children are still in need of her parenting, they are between the ages of 12 and 22, she focused on the baby dolls instead. Instead of raising her children, Alice would take her expensive Reborn Dolls on excursions to the zoo and other favorite places. She dressed them up in expensive designer baby clothes. And she even puts them into their own car seats. She makes sure these fake babies get everything they could ever want.

If Alice from years ago looked at herself now, she wouldn’t ever believe it. She never expected to fall in love with her Reborn Dolls, but that is what has happened. And now she can’t imagine life without her brood of more than 50 fake babies. And she takes care of each of them just like they were a real newborn – and this consumes most of her day.

Although she is a full time mother to five children – and 50 fake babies – she forgot her duties as a wife. Her commitment to her babies quickly made her relationship with her husband, Chris, to erode – especially after he realized she was spending a lot of their money on the dolls.

“We were arguing about other things in our relationship, but the dolls really didn’t help – he said they freaked him out because they looked so real,” she told Caters TV.

Chris was freaked out with Alice’s doll obsession. And they were the reason he left her.

Alice eventually became so obsessed with her dolls she didn’t even want her children or her pets getting near them. She prioritized her fake baby collection over her flesh-and-blood children – or at least that is how it seemed.

To protect her “babies,” Alice moved them all into her own bedroom. And she has spent hundreds of more dollars buying cribs for all 50 of her Reborn Dolls.

Alice has not gone bargain hunting when it came to her dolls. She bought all the real-life things you’d expect a mom of infants to have. She’s got the latest, cots, baby bouncers, and hundreds of tiny outfits. She’s obsessed.

“I’ve spent thousands on my dolls — but I also go to doll fairs and swap them for others when I’ve had them a while.”