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He Got Caught Cheating On His Wife. This Is The “Punishment” They Agreed On

When a husband was caught cheating, he quickly admitted he was in the wrong. He didn’t have much room for defense since his wife found him sleeping with another woman in a cheap motel room. Because of his infidelity, the husband had to do whatever the scorned wife wanted him to do if he wanted to keep his marriage to the woman – so she came up with the most humiliating punishment imaginable and filmed the entire thing for the world to see.

Because Jairo Vargas was found to be having sexual relations with another woman in a cheap motel room, his wife decided that she was going to make him pay. Vargas was caught with the other woman in a motel in Barranquilla, Colombia, so she decided that she would make him suffer in the worst way she could – by strapping him naked to the top of her car and parading him around town like a sack of meat.

Because Vargas knew he was a fool to have sex with the strange woman, he begged his wife to forgive him. She said that she would forgive him so long as he humiliated himself in public. Only if he stripped naked and paraded around town on the top of her SUV would she be able to see him again as the husband he had vowed to be to her. He had broken all trust and needed to prove that he would go to depraved lows in order to impress his wife again.

Vargas’s wife chose to parade her unfaithful husband during a sunny afternoon on May 15. It was a warm day in the middle of the week, and the streets were busy with lots and lots of people to witness Vargas’s utter humiliation.

Because his wife knew the best way to humiliate him was to strip him down and parade him through town like a goat, people were eager to capture the viral moment on camera. They took out their cellphones and recorded everything they could. Then they shared dozens of incidents of the footage on social media so more and more people could relish in Vargas’s humiliation on the internet. His humiliation and unusual punishment have been particularly popular for viewers in the United States.

Because people were so enthralled with Vargas’s punishment, it was as if a parade showed up on the street to watch him. People laughed and jeered at the cheater as his wife made him suffer in front of a massive and growing crowd of onlookers. Eventually, things got to the point that the Columbian National Police arrived to restore order and further humiliate Vargas as they joined the laughter and jeered along with the others.

“give him a lot of credit for choosing to accept the humiliation in order to stay with his wife rather than be kicked out. Takes a lot of guts,” a man from Israel wrote on Daily Mail.

What do you think about this wife’s cruel and unusual punishment of her cheating husband? Do you agree that he deserved it?

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