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He Hasn’t Seen His Parents In A Year. He Comes Downstairs And They Know The Secret He’s Been Keeping

It’s usually difficult to surprise your family because they see you every day. Now, imagine keeping your weight loss journey a total secret from your family… and then giving them a dramatic reveal they never could have seen coming. That’s the case for Lucas, who, in 2012, was 25 years old and weighed 300 pounds. Lucas was addicted to junk food and sugar and hated to exercise. By the end of that year, he made a vow to get healthy and lose weight. His hard work paid off.

Lucas documented his journey on Reddit, explaining that since he only saw his father and stepmother once during the summer and at Christmas time, it wasn’t hard to keep his weight loss under wraps. He simply made up an excuse for not going home in the summer so that they wouldn’t see the progress he had made up to that point and set his sights on the holidays when he would finally give them the huge surprise.

Along the way, Lucas kept a food log, changing his eating habits drastically, and, after losing 100 pounds, began walking the five miles to his workplace every day. He was dedicated to the cause and, after a year, he had lost 130 pounds.

Now it was finally time to show his dad, Jeff, and stepmom, Susan, his dramatic transformation. It was all captured on video, as Lucas is seen making his way down a staircase to Jeff and Susan, who are completely floored by what they see.

Jeff said he was “over the moon” about Lucas’ weight loss and Susan noted how proud she was.

He explained on Reddit: “95% of it was done through nothing but a 1350 calorie limit per day. No foods were off limit, but I survived mostly on tuna salad, chicken with salsa, frozen vegetables, beans and rice, turkey/roast beef sandwiches, spinach, and eggs. After I lost 100 pounds I started walking to work (5 miles) for about 2 months until it got too cold outside. The ‘fat’ picture was taken may of 2012, but I didn’t actually start losing until December 27th of 2012, so it took me just shy of 1 year.”

One commenter remarked how inspiring Lucas’ journey was, writing: “Thank you. I really needed you today to come and post this. You are just two inches taller than me with a similar start, goal and loss weight. The motivation and jump start you gave me just seeing the difference between the two just wants me to keep going. I’m scared I’m not going to be content when I’m there. I need to get to 130 lost.”

Lucas also shared some of the areas he’s struggled with, noting: “I think that the hardest part has still been self-control when it comes to junk food. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told myself ‘I’ll buy this giant bag of candy and eat it slowly over the next few weeks’ only to see the whole thing disappear in a day. At this point, I just avoid even keeping that kind of stuff in my house. The best part has definitely been the reactions of co-workers and friends. I have people asking me for advice on almost a daily basis now, and I’ve seriously considered making it a career path (dietitian).”

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