He Hasn’t Seen His Mother In 16 Years Until He Opens His Birthday Gift And She Jumps Out : AWM

He Hasn’t Seen His Mother In 16 Years Until He Opens His Birthday Gift And She Jumps Out

For a decade and a half, 44-year-old Arturo Fabian has not seen his mother. He has missed her severely, but due to immigration laws, his beloved mother, 60-year-old Guadalupe Montalbo was not in his life like had wished.

Because he made it into the United States legally, he had to face the harsh reality of the country’s immigration laws. And his mother was not able to join him because she could not obtain a visa.

But during his birthday, Fabian got a large gift from his family. And little did he know but his loved ones were able to get his mother a legal visa so she could come to American and see him.

Sixteen years is a long time. So you can imagine the emotions that shine through during this heartwarming footage.

As he opens the large birthday gift at his home in Garfield, New Jersey, he could not believe what was inside the large box in his living room. At first, he suspected that his family had ordered him a stripper, he pulls off the wrapping paper to reveal an even better surprise inside – his mother!

Fabian’s daughter, Deisy Sanchez, filmed the moment and later posted it on social media to share the joy with the world.

“We bought my grandma a plane ticket on the day her visa was accepted, and the next day she flew out to America. We met her at Newark Airport. We ran up to her and hugged her. But then we quickly drove her back to set everything up.

“We waited until my dad got home and that’s when he opened the box, and she popped out. My grandma was so happy when she found out she was coming to the U.S. and when she saw my dad, she started to cry. My dad’s reaction was very confused, and he was very emotional also.”

Millions of immigrants must make similar sacrifices to move to America. They have to leave beloved family members behind because they cannot all qualify for a visa. It is very hard to leave family behind and not see them in person for more than a decade.

That’s why this video is such a joy to watch. You can see Fabian and his mother’s blessing coming through as they see each other for the first time in 16 years. I can only imagine how much love must have been in that room as they hugged following the surprise gift.

Although Deisy first shared the clip on social media, it has since been picked up by numerous video platforms. Daily Mail shared it on their site and received comments from viewers who were touched by the moment.

“So loving!”

“Well, I will admit that has just made a grown man shed a tear. I think that’s my internet done for the day.”

“Oh how lovely, and heartbreaking at the same time. Very moving.”

“Emotional indeed!”

“Made me tear up…nothing like mommy!”

How would you react if your mother popped out of a box after you hadn’t seen in her sixteen years?