He Is One Of The Best Figure Skaters In The World, But We Just Learned His Family’s Dark Secret : AWM

He Is One Of The Best Figure Skaters In The World, But We Just Learned His Family’s Dark Secret

When children demonstrate talent, parents often want to help them bring it out and realize its potential. If the child loves music, parents will enroll them in music lessons. If they love to dance, they’ll enroll them in dance class. The same goes for ice-skating or gymnastics. And when a child demonstrates the potential for world-class talent, the parents have to step in and help foster that and drive them to practice even if they don’t want to all the time.

Helping a child reach world-class level takes a lot of prodding from the parents. Look at the fathers of Michael Jackson or Beyonce. They drove these children to levels beyond which a child could do alone. The same goes for many sports starts and Olympians. But the mother of one Russian ice-skating prodigy has taken things much too far.

On her quest to transform her talented son into “the best skater on the planet,” 43-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya locks her little boy in a closet after severely beating him. She hopes that her “interventions” inspire him to be great. But after Yana, a self-made businesswoman revealed her abusive tactics, she received a lot of criticism from other people.

Yana doesn’t think there is anything wrong with how much pressure she puts on her son Alexander “Sasha” Plushenko. And because the boy has been a public figure for most of his life, including a stint as a fashion model before he took to the ice while in diapers – Yana has been driving him to succeed since before he could walk.

Yana is grooming Sasha for ice-skating stardom. His father Yevgeny Plushenko is a four-time Olympic medalist and a seven-time European champion. Both Yana and Yevgeny want Sasha to be the best in the world. Therefore, they raise him with “iron gloves” to push him beyond his comfort zone and past his limits.

“Many people reprimand me for excessive cruelty,” Yana admitted.

She calls her son a nickname that translates to “gnome.”

She added how the public hates how she treats her young son.

“Recently I gave an interview which brought hundreds of links on the internet arguing that Yana Rudkovskaya is cruel in how she raises Gnom Gnomych.”

During the interview, Sasha sat by his mother as she described how she beats him to be better. And the interviewer then asked Sasha to explain what his mother and father use to teach him ice-skating.

He responded immediately with: “The belt.”

Yana did not blind an eye. She admits the belt “happens sometime” and her preferred teaching tool is a “small narrow belt.” And her 35-year-old husband is the one who usually does the beating.

Sasha also sits in a “dark room” all alone in addition to his corporal punishment.

Yana said, “when he behaves the wrong way with his… And so what? My parents also put me in a dark room and used a belt on me, and I was banned from leaving home… and haven’t I grown into a decent human being?”

Yana is a multi-millionaire and the producer for Russian singer Dima Bilan. She stands by her “iron gloves” approach.

“Don’t take pity of a child if you want to be the best on the planet.”