He Killed Everyone’s Favorite Flamingo At The Zoo A Few Years Ago. Today, Karma Got Him Back : AWM

He Killed Everyone’s Favorite Flamingo At The Zoo A Few Years Ago. Today, Karma Got Him Back

After people heard that 48-year-old Joseph Anthony Corrao killed Pinky the dancing flamingo, a popular attraction at Busch Gardens, he lost a lot of friends. But earlier in June, it had become a news headline after Carrao was killed when he was hit by a pickup truck on June 5. Although what he did to Pinky the dancing flamingo was horrible, people agree that he did not deserve to die out of it, and therefore, his demise, albeit ironic, is still tragic.

While crossing a busy intersection near his home in Orlando, Carrao was hit by the pickup truck that ultimately killed him. He first rose to fame when he was accused of killing Pinky. It was a violent death. Carrao allegedly grabbed Pinky and slammed her to the ground repeatedly, causing severe injuries for the bird. Witnesses could not believe their eyes and were stunned to see Carrao exhibiting such violence against the bird that had done nothing to him. But they realized that he was “plastered” drunk during his visit to Busch Gardens theme park named after the beer of the same name.

Because of what he did to the flamingo, veterinarians decided to euthanize Pinky. She had been famous for her dance moves that were beloved by everyone who visited Busch Gardens. Leave it to drunk Carrao to ruin the fun for everyone.

Carrao was set to go to trial for animal cruelty in response to what he did to Pinky. However, the pickup truck did him in before he had the chance to go to court, so Pinky could get the justice she deserved.

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that Carrao ran into traffic two months before he was set to stand trial for killing Pinky. He was hit by the pickup truck and killed on June 5.

The incident occurred around 6 am. Carrao was walking across State Road 50 near Story Partin Road in Orange County when a pickup truck sped along and administered a dose of karma. Was it a fair trade? Most people cannot say so. But when you read about what Carrao did to Pinky, you’ll grimace.

After the truck smashed into him, Carrao was brought to Florida Hospital East where they were unable to save him. He died under their care.

The pickup truck driver was uninjured in the crash and was not cited. However, police are still investigating what happened. It is possible Carrao was “plastered” again when he dashed into traffic on the busy Florida road.

On the day when Carrao brutally attacked Pinky, he was visiting Busch Gardens with his mother and his daughters. In an effort to prove he had testosterone, he grabbed Pinky and threw her around so “violently” that her foot was almost severed from her body.

Carrao’s mother tried to stop him from grabbing the bird. But he was too drunk and refused to listen to her wisdom.

The park’s security team detained Carrao while Pinky was rushed to an animal emergency center. Tampa police charged him with felony animal cruelty.

Now the “depraved” animal abuser will be put to rest.

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