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He Played With The “Toy” Grandma Gave Him For Three Years. Then We Found Out What It Was

Kids, much like cats, tend to play with whatever they can get their hands on. It’s up to the parents to ensure that dangerous items are out of reach once a little one is in the house. Most do a great job of protecting their babies and young children, but not all. One grandmother in China recently did quite the opposite, and she’s lucky her baby is still alive and well.

Police officers were recently called to a residential complex in Suzhou, China to investigate an incident involving a live grenade. The officers had no idea what to expect when they arrived.

The grandmother relayed the story of finding a “small iron ball” in the ground while digging to plant a new tree. She didn’t think much of it at first and gave it to her young grandchild to play with.

The young child played with the “iron ball” for over three years before the family decided to investigate what it actually was. Grandma approached an officer to ask for his help identifying the “toy” one recent morning after realizing it might not be as harmless as she first thought.

Officers instantly identified the small iron ball as a grenade and a live one at that. The device could have exploded at any second, causing irreparable damage or death to anyone around. They promptly removed it from the home, only to find a security guard for the complex trying to move it a short time later.

Officers were once again forced to relay just how dangerous the item was, this time to a security guard. They stopped him and confiscated the explosive device, this time for good. No one would be hurt on their watch!

The police report states that the device did not have its fuse, but it still could easily have exploded. The grenade was live and not at all inert, which makes this one lucky family. This bizarre event could easily have turned into a tragedy in a different circumstance.

The officers knew they were a bit out of their league when it comes to explosives. They called in the big guns, the bomb disposal experts to come and deal with the grenade for the last time.

They wore bomb-proof suits and gently picked up and placed the explosive in an “anti-explosion container.” These sort of grenades are found rather often around the world, but mostly in places where military action was prevalent in the past.

The grenade was then sent to a special scrap yard designed to deal with old grenades, bombs, and bullets. We can only hope that everything worked out from there because an accident at that specific scrap yard could turn into a nightmare very quickly.

If you find an old weapon or explosive like this, please call the proper authorities. It’s certainly not something you should give to your children to play with. This grandmother made a critical mistake, and she’s lucky it didn’t turn out worse for her family. You can bet that she won’t make the same mistake again!

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