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He Said His Hotel Room Was Tiny, But I Didn’t Believe Him Until I Watched This Video

When vacationing, most people enjoy a stay at a hotel that offers ample square footage to spread out in and truly relax. Not all hotels can afford that space, but most are able to accommodate the basics with a bed, furniture and bathroom for a comfortable night’s stay. This man found his hotel room a little small and, if you didn’t see it, you might not believe his claims. But it’s totally true. This might, in fact, be the world’s smallest hotel room!

Of course, if you’re traveling on a budget, the size of your hotel room probably isn’t the biggest consideration, but this hotel really packs it all into a small space. Take note: the claustrophobic may want to consider alternative lodging options after viewing this video.

Budget traveler and YouTuber GLOBIK posted the video showing his room at Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong. Keep in mind, he paid just $30 for a one night stay, so the money saved over a larger hotel is significant. Still, there were sacrifices to be made, as his video shows a room that can just contain a bed, which touches all four walls of the room. He even demonstrates how he’s unable to fully stretch out on the bed, so taller guests certainly aren’t going to have the most comfortable night’s sleep. He notes in the comments that he’s only 5 foot 10 inches tall.

The bathroom is truly unique, offering a sort of all-in-one toilet and shower combination, with the showerhead hanging over the sink area. The bathroom door can’t even be closed while sitting on the toilet!

The hotel, though limited in each room’s space, is centrally located in one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts and is housed in a residential building, so there are shops and restaurants there as well.

And how about a view? Well, there’s nothing to look at… literally…as the room doesn’t even have a window to see anything of the outside world.

GLOBIK explained in the video’s description: “I went to spend one night in Tsim Sha Tsui, part of Kowloon in Hong Kong. I stayed at a small hostel in the crowded Chungking Mansions and I believe I stayed in the smallest hotel room there is in all of Hong Kong. Have you ever seen a smaller hotel room?”

Those who commented on the YouTube video wrote: “That’s the smallest hotel room I’ve seen. Surprised they had a bathroom.” and “Damn! That is SMALL. I’ve been all over SE Asia and never seen one smaller than that room.”

Another commenter added this interesting perspective: “Globik never been in a hotel room that small … I have been in quite a few jail/prison cells and I dare say they were even bigger than that room. Before you ask, yes I am the one with the keys to them as well”

One commenter added: “Nice one, but try living in one for three months. Same size room but without the bathroom in Sham Shui Po. You’re lucky you have our own bathroom. Great video.”

Another person noted that there is, in fact, an even smaller room, if you can believe it, writing: “this building has smaller ones, I stayed in a room with smaller bath.” How is that even possible?