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He Said Six Words To The Flight Attendant And The Next Thing We Knew He Was Under Arrest

After hopping on a flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Fort Myers, Florida, 82-year-old George Alexander found himself in a sticky situation. He poked the flight attendant and then demanded that she move while she was serving the customers drinks. But Alexander, who lives in North Fort Myers, did not stop with that act of harassment – he went much further and wound up getting arrested.

When she tried to get on with her job, Alexander began to taunt and bully her. He said, “You’re too fat for this job,” and that she was “too big.” Then he slapped her with a racial slur he had in his arsenal.

The flight attendant was busy working when Alexander came up behind her and demanded she gets out of his way. As you know, aisles in airplanes are tight and do not have much room on either side.

Instead of exercising patience, Alexander poked her back and then called her a racial slur, demanding she move.

“You’re too big for this job. You’re too fat, overweight,” he said. Then he tried to push past her and over the seats along the aisle.

When the plane landed, Alexander was met at the gate by police officers. He was arrested at the Southwest Florida International Airport. Police charged the senior citizen with battery and interference with aircraft operations.

On Friday, Alexander was booked into Lee County Jail but was released when he posted $1,000 bond.

Daily Mail dove into Alexander’s criminal record. Besides the physical battery against the flight attendant on the American Airlines flight from Philly to Fort Myers, he does not have much on his record. The only thing Daily Mail found was that he failed to stop for a red light in December 2009.

Alexander’s situation is not unique. This incident is not the first time someone was met at the gate in Southwest Florida International Airport by police because of their misconduct aboard the plane.

In January 2018, police took 58-year-old Dante Bencivenga away. While he was aboard a discount flight on Spirit Airlines, Dante spread urine all over the floor in the bathroom. The urine incident happened when Dante refused to leave the flight bound for Michigan. It was still parked at the gate in Fort Myers. When police arrived and confronted Dante, they told him to leave the concourse because he would otherwise be charged with trespassing. He continued to be “belligerent” and resisted the police. They were forced to arrest him according to the Miami Herald.

He found himself in the Lee County Jail on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct in a public place.

After that incident, Dante also found himself banned from Southwest Florida International airport for a year unless he was on official business.

It does not pay to taunt or mess with flight attendants or other crewmembers aboard an airplane. If passengers take things too far, they could wind up getting handcuffed and brought to the local jail.

What do you think about the police’s response to George Alexander’s incident?