He Sends Accidental Embarrassing Photo Of His New Girlfriend To His Mom. Look Closely : AWM

He Sends Accidental Embarrassing Photo Of His New Girlfriend To His Mom. Look Closely

When you’re out on your own trying to make it in the world, parents appreciate a photo from their children every once in a while. They want to know that the one they raised is happy and living a successful life. So with the invention of smartphones, which gave the average person the ability to take photos and share them in an instant, young adults have no excuse but to send photos to mom and dad every so often.

But when Maison Vallance from Tennessee shared a “pretty” photo of his girlfriend to his mother, he later realized that he had embarrassed himself by not looking closely at the background.

Now that his mother had the incriminating photo, she could clearly see what he got up to when he thought mom wasn’t looking into his bedroom. Too bad he sent her the candid shot by accident.

Maison admitted that he lost the T-shirt his mother had given to him. So, when he later found it under a pile of dirty clothes, he was happy to show his mom that he didn’t lose it after all. Maison asked his girlfriend to pose for a photo with the T-shirt, so she lied down in bed and then held the shirt up to the camera. She also had a big smile on her face too. It’s never a wrong time to impress the “in-laws.”

After sending the photo to his mother, Maison felt that the picture of his girlfriend was “too pretty” not to share with the world. That’s why Maison uploaded the image to the internet via his Twitter account.

Take a close look at the picture. Do you notice the red ropes in the background? Those are used for bondage and kinky sexual practices. Apparently, Maison forgot to remove them before sharing his adventurous bedroom habits.

Maison realized his error just a few minutes after posting the original image to Twitter. To clarify his mistake, he wrote: “Ok just realized I sent this to my mom with THE ROPES ATTACHED TO MY HEADBOARD.”

If you’re not familiar with what those ropes are used for, ask Google. We’re not going to go into much detail about this college graduate’s bedroom habits, but apparently, he wasn’t too embarrassed by the image to delete it from Twitter.

Since it was posted, the image of his girlfriend, Meghan, has gotten more than 212,000 likes and about 60,000 retweets. Talk about a popular picture.

As his tweet went viral, Maison soaked in his moment of internet fame. And that’s when news sites like the Mirror started to pick up the story as something fun and entertaining. With all the sour and negative news going on right now, something fun and light like this picture can do wonders for our psyche.

It is unclear if Maison has told his mother what the ropes are used for or if she has even noticed. And we don’t know if he has come to his mom and told her about how the picture of his bedroom has become a global sensation. But if he has, she’s going to want to know why everyone is laughing.