He Spent $600K On Surgeries To Look Like A Ken Doll, But Now He Says He Identifies As A Woman : AWM

He Spent $600K On Surgeries To Look Like A Ken Doll, But Now He Says He Identifies As A Woman

God’s will be done. And in the case of 36-year-old Rodrigo Alves, it was “God’s will for me to be female.” Because of that, Roddy underwent thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to sculpt the female body that she always dreamed of possessing. And to highlight the change that she has gone through as a transgender woman, Roddy hosted a photoshoot in a sheer pink dress to give viewers a peek into every crevasse and curve on her stunning female form.

Because many people are still uncomfortable with transgender people, Roddy hopes that by becoming her ideal self, she will be able to use it as a teachable moment to help more people understand what it means to be trans.

“I feel like (God) wanted to use me as an instrument to teach others about being trans.”

Roddy admits that she wished she had started her transition from male to female sooner. However, she had instead spent more than $600,000 on plastic surgery to try to feel comfortable in her male body. But she never was comfortable as a male because she was transgender but just hadn’t realized it.

“When I was little, I loved dolls and dresses, and I felt like I was a little girl, but I had no idea what being transgender meant.”

She said, “Now it’s something that is much more understood. I spent thousands on having fake abs and biceps, but I felt like a failure as a man. It wasn’t who I was meant to be!”

Although Roddy has the body of her dreams, she has yet to take other measures to complete her transition from male to female. The primary thing that she still needs to complete is the legal name change. Although she’s previously used the name Jessica, she has not unveiled what she hopes to change her name to. For now, she is being referred to as Rodrigo or Roddy.

While there will always be critics of transgender people, Roddy said that since she has come out as a woman, people, on the whole, have been supportive.

“The feedback has been really positive. A lot of men have been asking me for dates.”

Although Roddy has not undergone a sex change surgery, she is taking female hormones under the direction of a doctor. This is usually the first step in the transition process. In the past, she tried giving herself hormones in secret, which resulted in dangerous hospitalizations. Now that she’s out in the public eye with her transition, she doesn’t have to do that anymore.

“My skin is already softer, and my breasts are bigger. I plan to have a boob job, feminization surgery, and finally, I will have full gender reassignment.”

Roddy now will celebrate two birthdays. The first will be the one when she first came into the world. The second will be the day she was “reborn as a woman.”

While her coming out may be a shock to some who have followed the TV personality’s career, Roddy admits to having dressed as a woman for years. Now she is able to be the person she believes God meant her to be.

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