Mert Ney is currently being sentenced after she was convicted of murdering 24-year-old Michaela Dunn. However, Ney publicly boasted about killing the woman during a court hearing in Sydney, Australia. Now, the mother of the victim was forced to stare down her daughter’s murderer as Ney sits in court awaiting his final judgment for his sentence. Joanne Dunn, the mother of the murder victim, bravely took the stand at Ney’s sentencing to make sure that her daughter received the justice she deserved and that her killer went away for a long time.

“I know our house was quiet, very, very quiet, no tears, no shouting, just numbness,” Dunn told the NSW Supreme Court sentence hearing for Mert Ney. “No parent should ever have to hear those words … your daughter has been murdered,’ she said, looking directly at Ney, who was sitting in the dock.”

In August 2019, Michaela Dunn made the mistake of opening her apartment door while Mert Ney was on the other side. Unbeknownst to the victim, Ney had a butcher’s knife concealed in his bag, and he was planning to kill Dunn with it that very day. Moments after she opened the door, Ney launched into a deadly attack that ultimately killed the beautiful Sydney woman.

Ney, 22, has pleaded guilty to Dunn’s murder plus a slew of other charges that include stabbing victim Lin Bo on the street. Ney claimed to have lost his mind during a rampage induced by CBD, a nonintoxicating compound found in cannabis.

Justice Peter Johnson warned the court before showing footage of Ney appearing on Snapchat after the murder. In the footage, Ney showed blood on his hands and also panned the camera to his dead victim. He sent the footage to an acquaintance and wrote: “I’m f***ing psycho. I was laughing, bro. The fear.”

Ney took more footage at the scene of the murder. In another video, he showed himself standing near a fire exit before he moved the camera down to show that he was leaving a trail of bloody footprints. Because people could see that he was bloodied and carrying a bloody knife, he was chased until he was restrained by bystanders with a milk crate and a chair.

“You just stabbed a chick,” someone shouted, while another told him to wait for the police.

Meanwhile, Joanne Dunn, the victim’s mother, had no idea that her daughter had been killed. Her daughter was due to arrive home by 7 pm, but when she did not appear by 9 pm, mom grew worried. Two detectives appeared at her home and broke the bad news.

“We have not just lost our daughter, but we have lost our future as it should have been.”

Dunn asked those in court to remember her daughter as a kind and amazing young woman. She also thanked the “sidewalk heroes” who were able to aid police in apprehending Ney following the murder.

Ney had a history of mental illness but was urged to plead guilty in this trial, so the victim’s family did not have to suffer any longer.

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