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He Thought It Would Be Fun To Go Down This Slide, Now He’ll Never Walk Again

While a British man was taking a vacation to Spain, he decided to visit a waterpark. However, instead of listening to his better judgment, the man dove head-first down a massive waterslide only to crash into the pool and snap his neck in two places. Now the British tourist has to live out the rest of his days as a paraplegic unless doctors are able to reverse the effects of the horrible freak accident that occurred in the Spanish waterpark.

23-year-old David Briffaut never thought his Spanish vacation would land him in the Alicante hospital intensive care unit. He thought he’d simply be able to binge drink to his heart’s delight and do whatever he wanted. However, when he took a risky head-first ride down a waterslide, he put his life and health in jeopardy.

David, who hails from Benfleet, Essex took the vacation to Spain’s Aualandia water park in Benidorm back on July 8. It would prove to be a major mistake when he went down the slide head-first despite all the warnings.

After riding the slide, David smashed into the water in the pool at the end and snapped his neck like a twig on impact. He broke two vertebrae and had since been trying to get doctors to fix his spinal cord injury, which is proving an extremely hard task even for the best physicians.

Now he is struggling to return to normal, and that may never happen for him. There’s actually a video circulating the internet that shows David as he slides head-first down the waterslide. It’ a risky maneuver which resulted in the spinal cord injury.

As David recovers from the life-altering injuries, his parents, Lorraine and Stephane, have traveled from Britain to his hospital bed in Spain. He’s remained in the Spanish hospital under sedation because he needs intensive care and it would be dangerous to transport him.

His mother, Lorraine, said: “We are living in every parents’ nightmare. Our son went on holiday with his girlfriend, and we have been told he might never walk again. All we can do now is pray that he can recover.”

Obviously, the freak accident has horrified David’s family. David is also horrified because he is aware that he’s been critically injured for riding the waterslide in the wrong direction.

“He is sedated but is aware what has happened to him,” Lorraine added, “David is getting fantastic care at the hospital, but we want to get him home to England as soon as he can be moved.”

David is a golfer and was quite good at it, but may never be able to play the same again with the injuries to his spine.

David took the trip to the waterpark with his girlfriend, Penny Bristow. They were having a great time and friends filmed as David took the fated ride down the slide.

But as David reaches the end of the ride, his head snaps forward and his spine breaks. It is a tough clip to watch.

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