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He Threw A Message In A Bottle Into The Ocean When He Was 9-Years-Old. Today, He Got A Response

When a young college student was going about his day, he received a bizarre message all of a sudden. But the message was a long time coming. The young man had put a message in a bottle when he was just ten-years-old and has now received a response that has completely left his “mind blown.” Max Vredenburgh, 19, threw the message into the bottle in the ocean back when he was in third grade, and now that it has come back around, he cannot believe it.

Max, who attends Suffolk University, put a hand-written letter into a wine bottle that he threw into the water at Long Beach in Rockport back in August 2010. On Friday, Max received a text message from his father, who said that someone named “G. Dubois” had found Max’s message in a bottle and written a response. The bottle had drifted all the way to Contis-Les-Bains in Southern France and was discovered on October 10, 2019 – more than nine years after Max threw the message into the ocean.

Because Max was a ten-year-old child when he wrote the letter, he revealed a few of his favorite things at the time. His letter said, in part:

“Hello, my name is Max. Whoever is reading this letter, please write back. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m ten years old. I like apples. I like the beach. My favorite color’s blue. I like animals. I like cars, and I like outer space.”

Although the boy wrote only a few dozen words about himself, he managed to get a picture across of himself that touched the heart of the person who found his letter all those years later.

Max could not believe that his bottle traveled across the ocean to Europe, where it was found nine years later.

Max wrote about the experience on Twitter: “On August 21, 2010, I threw a message in a bottle into the ocean from a beach in Rockport, MA. On October 10, 2019, that letter was found on the beach in France. I am mind blown. Nine years.”

Dubois wrote a letter back to Max to explain where the bottle was found.

“I found your message in your bottle on October 10, 2019, on a beach in France between Contis and Mimizon,” Dubois wrote. “According to your date, August 21, 2009, it will have taken nine years to cover the 6000 km that separates us. You had grown a lot during that time: ten to nineteen years old. I put you some maps below to locate you.”

When Max posted the message to Twitter, he admitted he was “mind blown.” Clearly, this event has made a huge impact on the young man. Because he sent a message in a bottle as a young child, he could not believe that it came back to him all these years later. Max was so happy to reveal the good news to the world via his Twitter post.

What do you think about him getting a response to his message in the bottle?

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