A kidnapper was thwarted from abducting a baby from his mother when a Good Samaritan used his martial arts skills to stop him. Brian Kemsley was in Madison Square Park on Monday at 3 pm when he noticed a would-be kidnapper closely watching a mother with a baby stroller. Kemsley was walking through the park with his girlfriend when he jumped into action to save the innocent baby from the horrible clutches of the would-be kidnapper.

Kemsley watched as the abductor fought with the baby’s mother over the child. He repeatedly tried to snatch the child away from its mother, who desperately held on to her beloved little one. The kidnapper started spewing bizarre logic about who the baby belonged to, which was heard by Kemsley and others at the Manhattan park.

“He was saying things like, ‘How do you know it’s her baby, this could be my baby,’” Kemsley recalled to PIX11.

As the mother fought with the abductor for possession of the child, Kemsley heard more people screaming and shouting. Since he has been trained as a martial artist for years, he figured it was a perfect time to put his skills to use. Without waiting for another second, Kemsley approached the kidnapper and used his jiu-jitsu skills to keep the man held down until authorities were able to arrive.

For fifteen minutes, the would-be kidnapper resisted Kemsley with all his might. Thankfully, authorities finally came over and helped the Good Samaritan by taking over possession of the incident.

“I took him down, and I held him. I pinned him so he couldn’t move…Clearly this guy, we couldn’t just let him go,” he said. “As the situation escalated…it became pretty clear that he had mental issues. Someone else actually came and took him to the hospital.”

On Instagram, the Good Samaritan wrote: “I’d like to point out that when it comes to community security, that smashing someone should not be the priority. We’re not supposed to show up with sticks and start beating people. The priority should always be to defuse the situation safely and as nonviolently as possible, so we do not escalate the situation. At the beginning of this altercation, my goal was to get this man away from the lady and her children, but towards the end, it was to keep him safe from a mob that could turn violent against him.”

Kemsley added some more content on Facebook, writing: “The limited jiu-jitsu I learned over six years ago allowed me to control a strong raging full-grown man like he was a baby.”

When authorities arrived on the scene, they were able to take the would-be kidnapper into custody. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident – except for maybe the would-be kidnapper’s pride.

Although he put himself at risk, Kemsley believes it was his duty to defend the mother who was threatened by the stranger in the park.

“It’s not a matter of stepping in, it’s a matter of duty when you see a woman and her child screaming,” he said.

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