He Urges His Dog To “Shut Up.” The Canine’s Response Has Us Roaring With Laughter : AWM

He Urges His Dog To “Shut Up.” The Canine’s Response Has Us Roaring With Laughter

When you’re having the time of your life at a party, the last thing you want to do is leave. And if someone is trying to pull you away from all the fun, you’re going to be pissed off at them. And a dog having a great time is no different. That’s why this video of Felony, a white female boxer, has got the internet hysterically laughing. The dog’s caretaker took Felony to the dog park for a romp in the grass.

And while Felony had a wonderful time playing and running, it was eventually time to go. Her owner did have a Texans’ game to watch on the television. But when the man told Felony about his plan to get back in the car, she wouldn’t have anything to do with his bad idea.

The dog owner, who identifies as FGemellaro on YouTube, watched as Felony was voicing her opinion. And when he had enough of her whining, he told her to “shut up.”

But Felony was not going to stand for that form of verbal abuse. Although the owner is just playing with his pet, the dog gets into the act. And as you’ll see in the clip, it sounds like she is really suffering now that she has to leave the fun dog park.

As you watch how the white boxer resists the man’s plans, you’ll be laughing along with the thousands of others who have loved this video. To be honest, at the time of this writing, the clip has gotten more than 2.4 million hits. That’s a lot of views for a video fewer than 60 seconds long. And every second of this clip is laugh-out-loud funny. There’s a reason it’s been viewed millions of times.

Viewers like you were quick to share their reactions. And the following was a selection we wanted you to read because you’ll enjoy them:

“The dog sounds like he’s mimicking a person mimicking a dog.”

Another viewer thought Felony sounded like an opera singer: “That dog sounds like it wants to sing a sad opera.”

One viewer was confident that Felony knew to act up when the camera started filming: “LOL. Poor girl! She noticed the camera and went into full victim mode at 0:12. OHHH POOR MEEEE. LMAO! Such a sweet girl!”

One viewer said this clip reminded her of a personal story: “You’ve got to get her doing more talking. Seems like she has a lot to say…. and I’m just guessing more people would love to hear what she’s got to say about other topics. My Senda (white boxer) is not much of a talker, but she’ll sit on her butt and stomps her front feet to let me know, we need to talk. She perks up every time she hears your little lady Felony chattin’ it up. I play this vid about three times a week so she can watch and listen to yours and Felony’s conversation.”

Take a moment out of your busy day and watch this fun video clip. You’ll thank us!