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He Walked Into His Boss’s Office And Threatened To Quit, But Never Expected Her Response

If you’re like most people, you’ve had to deal with a difficult boss. These types of relationships span across a wide array of levels, as some bosses can be minimally difficult with a few quirks here and there and others can be downright horrid, as if they are on a mission to make your life miserable. When one guy went to tell his horrible boss that he was going to quit his job, she had a response that was unlike anything he’d ever heard before and it all was captured in a text conversation he had with his buddy.

The guy’s boss was known as a slave driver, never allowing him to take time off and making him cover his co-worker’s vacation time.

The conversation between the guy and his pal went like this…

After his friend asked him how his meeting went, he informed him that his boss was a savage. He went on to explain that he had planned to go over the fact that she was making him cover too many last minute shifts.

“I told her I wanted to talk about the fact that I was covering too many last minute shifts and that I didn’t think it was fair that the shifts are forced upon me because I’ve had to cancel appoinments and personal plans to cover the shifts,” he said.

His friend agreed that it was a reasonable thing to bring to the boss’s attention, and then the guy told him how the boss reacted…

“She just stared at me like one of those stares where you’re so unamused that your eyes are only half open and you’re cold as ice.”

Since the boss remained quiet and didn’t say anything, the guy told her that if the schedule wasn’t going to be fair, he was going to start looking for another job. He followed this up by bringing up the fact that one of his co-workers had vacation approved four times in the past year, while he hadn’t had vacation approved for three years and on top of that he had to cover his co-worker’s shifts on top of having to work his own shifts.

And then, the unthinkable happened. When his buddy asked him what the boss said, he responded with the following…

“She grinned and told me that she knows I can’t quit because… 1. I just bought a new car and car payments need to be paid. 2. Even if I COULD leave, I would have done it by now because she’s already aware that I often get dealt the worst hand there. 3. If I ever did plan to leave, it wouldn’t be smart to list this job on my resume because she wouldn’t give me a good review anyway.”

Talk about a horrible boss. His friend summed it up perfectly when he said…

“Dude she’s not just savage…she sounds psychotic.”

While we don’t know for sure if the guy ended up quitting we certainly hope that he found a new job with a boss that was much more reasonable than this one.