He Walks Into Toys R’ Us, Makes Crazy Demand At Register, Leaves Other Shoppers In Tears : AWM

He Walks Into Toys R’ Us, Makes Crazy Demand At Register, Leaves Other Shoppers In Tears

When the holiday season comes around, there are often stories about robberies and similar crimes. However, if you dig deep enough, you can also find stories that will warm your heart despite the cold winter weather. Many families struggle this time of year to keep up with their bills while also trying to provide gifts for every person on their list. Layaway can sometimes make the financial burden a bit easier, but at the end of the day, millions of layaways end up cancelled due to people simply not being able to afford the extra expenses.

One man wanted to prevent this from happening for some families who may be struggling this holiday season. In New Jersey on Black Friday, a man who only referred to himself as Charlie K. went to Cherry Hill to a Toys “R” Us store. He had his son with him, but this shopping trip was not about Charlie or his family. Instead, Charlie and his son made Santa come early for 60 people with layaway orders at the store. He decided he was going to pay these off for those who put them into the layaway program. The total amount was $10,000 and this accounting to approximately 8,000 toys that will be under the tree for kids to open this year.

When shoppers put items into layaway, they get a chance to pay them off over time so that they do not have to handle the full expense at once. This is a popular choice among those with limited funds because it allows them to get nice items for their loved ones. Now, 60 customers who had their orders paid off will not have to continue making payments or wait to get their toys out close to Christmas since Charlie took care of the tab for them.

CBS3 got a chance to talk to this kind man to see why he did what he did. He simply stated that the community has given him so much and he just wanted to find a way to give back to it and the people within it.

He further stated that he just wanted to bring some happiness to the people in his community. He is adamant that he just wanted to give back. He did not elaborate on what the community has done for him, but he did say that it has helped him a lot.

Now, the layaway pay offs were just the beginning because Charlie did more that day. He went to every person in the store and asked them to pick out three toys. He paid for these and they were going to be donated to the Toys for Tots program that is operated by the United States Marines. This will ensure that dozens of other children will have at least one gift under the tree for Christmas morning.

This is a time of year where the good and the bad seem to be magnified. Charlie and those like him are certainly proving that the United States still has a number of giving and compassionate people.