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He Wanted To Get Revenge By Paying Parking Ticket In Pennies, Ends In Way He Never Fathomed

In Royal Oak, Michigan, a story that has people quite baffled has recently hit the headlines. This story concerns a man trying to pay a ticket. Many people despise getting tickets and even when they are at fault, they can feel as though they should not be responsible for paying it. It is common to joke that you will scrounge up a bunch of pennies and other small change to pay the ticket just as an act of rebellion. However, most people do not actually do this. But, when Anthony Sevy in Royal Oak got a parking ticket recently, he was not happy, and he actually did walk in with a ton of change to pay his fine.

He went to pay the ticket with pennies. His ticket was just $10, so that is not as many pennies as there would be with a larger speeding ticket. However, he also could have chosen a $10 bill. Apparently, a guard where he was paying took issue with him wanting to use pennies to satisfy his fine.

Sevy’s attorney in this matter says that he was turned away when it was discovered that he was going to pay in pennies. He then defecated himself due to being choked by a guard at the establishment. His attorney continued to say that he does not think that people defecate themselves in the course of everyday business.

According to those in the know, when Sevy went to pay his ticket, he was initially going to use his credit card. However, he was informed that if he used a card, he would receive a surcharge of $1.75. After getting this news, Sevy left unhappy that he was being charged more to pay his ticket simply because he was going to use a card.

According to Sevy’s attorney, he came back to the establishment carrying several rolls of pennies that he planned to use to pay for his ticket. According to his attorney, this was a type of symbolic protest that Sevy was using.

The clerk did not appear very happy to see the rolls of pennies when Sevy made his way to the counter to pay his ticket. Video at the establishment shows the incident as it happened. The clerk refused to accept the pennies as a way to pay the fine.

When you watch the video, you can see that the officer and Sevy start to exchange words. Sevy was then asked to leave, but that was not the end of the exchange. As Sevy was going to leave, he had his back to the officer who then started to choke him out and got him to the ground. As a result of the choking, Sevy ended up passing out and he then also defecated on himself.

Sevy was arrested and put in jail as a result of this. Since he feels that the officer went way too far, he hired an attorney and he is looking to sue the court officers of Royal Oak. His attorney feels that paying in pennies is not grounds to be assaulted. The charges against Sevy were dropped.