He Wanted To Get Revenge On His Neighbor, So He Took It Out On The Dog : AWM

He Wanted To Get Revenge On His Neighbor, So He Took It Out On The Dog

In an act of brutal revenge, a crazed man stabbed a pet dog eleven times before dumping its mangled corpse on the owner’s doorstep. Andrew Nipper, the dog killer, stabbed the dog and then dropped its carcass at the home of the pet owner in Cape Girardeau, Missouri because he wanted to hurt the person and so enacted as much violence as he could muster.

Missouri, one of those states that goes easy on dog killers, sentenced Nipper to a measly nine years in jail for the brutalization of the poor dog. Not only did Nipper devastate the body of the canine for his own personal gain, but he also did it because he wanted to get revenge on the owner. Nipper knew that by murdering the animal, he’d make the owner, Katlynn Biggerstaff, suffer greatly. The reason for the abuse was simple. Nipper was upset with Biggerstaff after she alerted the police to his violence following another incident. Because it took the Missouri cops days to link Nipper to the death of the dog, he managed to live his life, as usual, hurting who knows what during the time of his extended freedom.

Because Biggerstaff told police that she and Nipper did not get along, the cops eventually put two and two together and connected the animal killer with his crime. Not only did the cops have the link between Biggerstaff and Nipper, all the physical evidence linked the miserable Missouri man to the scene of the crime.

On the day of the killing, Biggerstaff tied her dog, a black female, outside of her apartment with a leash. This was on May 19, 2019, at around 4:30 pm. When Biggerstaff went to check on her beloved pet, she did not find the dog in the place where she’d left her. That’s when she started to get very suspicious that something might have happened to her pooch.

As it turned out, Nipper, unbeknownst to the owner, had kidnapped her dog and was brutalizing it to death. Because she suspected him, Biggerstaff messaged Nipper on Snapchat, asking if he’d seen her dog. Nipper lied and said he had not and then asking Biggerstaff, in a coded message, if she was having a “ruff” day?

Five hours later, Biggerstaff heard a knock on her door. She looked at the clock to see it was 9:30 pm. When she opened the door, no one was there, but on her doorstep was the black bag that seemed to be oozing some kind of dark liquid. When she opened it up, she found the bloodied remains of her beloved canine. The body was punctured with nearly a dozen stab wounds, and Biggerstaff was horrified.

When she called the police, she admitted she did not know who did it but suspected Nipper because he was “stalking” her and was a downright creepy Missourian. He’d previously tried to kill her by running her over with his truck. When Nipper was finally nabbed, he revealed his half-baked evil plan as an act of revenge toward Biggerstaff, who called the police on him after he threatened her life.

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