He Wanted To Prove To Us That His Bulletproof Vest Worked, But It Ended In Disaster : AWM

He Wanted To Prove To Us That His Bulletproof Vest Worked, But It Ended In Disaster

Daredevils might seem like they are putting their lives at risk, but most of them know whether or not they’ll come out of the event safely. Because these so-called daredevils often practice their moves relentlessly before the big reveal, they know exactly how to execute the maneuver, so they not only survive but thrive in the challenge. But when people decided to take on a life-threatening task just to prove a point to others and satisfy their own ego, they are stepping into dangerous territory because they have not rehearsed and made sure things were going to go all right.

In Ukraine, a man decided to show off his new purchase to his friends. He just bought a bulletproof vest and wanted to show his buddies just how great it was. But the youth was misguided. The bulletproof vest might have the power to stop bullets, but it is not invincible. So when the young man points a loaded Stechkin automatic pistol at his gut and pulls the trigger, he realizes rather quickly that he made a grave mistake.

The pro-Russian gunman wanted to prove his machismo by shooting himself in the stomach. But he foolishly misjudged the power of the bulletproof vest he was wearing and the strength of the gun in his hand.

Although local news agencies report that the accident was fatal, there has been a lack of confirmation coming from the Donbass area of Ukraine. This area is shorthand for the Donetsk and Luhansk areas of Ukraine popular for coal mining.

When you watch the video, you will be appalled. The young man, whom Ukrainian news sources have dubbed “Domovoi” shows off his bulletproof vest for the camera before pulling out the loaded firearm and aiming it at his stomach.

The man was not alone in his act of stupidity. The cameraman who also serves as the video clip’s narrator, explains how the man has on sixth-grade armor, which is the same type of bulletproof vests the Russian Special Forces wear. Because he was wearing what his heroes wear, he thought that he would be invincible.

The man in the vest points the gun at himself and shouts, “That’s it! F*** Donbass!”

Then he pulls the trigger and unloads a bullet into this gut.

Once the shot rings out, Domovoi falls to his knees. He is obviously in serious pain. But it is unclear of just how much. Perhaps it was just the blunt force of the point-blank bullet.

The cameraman decides to turn the serious situation into a joke: “Looks like he’s dying. Yes, he’s dying.”

But when Domovoi does not recover or laugh at the joke, the cameraman grows very serious.

“F***! Are you dying? Are you really wounded, bro?”

The man who shot himself cannot reply. He just removes the vest and collapses to the ground.

The pro-Russian cameraman says: “Looks like he’s wounded. Looks like he’s going to die now. I have to stop filming now, sorry.”

And with that, the camera shuts off, and the fate of Domovoi is unknown.