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He Was A World-Famous Circus Tamer Until The Tigers Decided They Had Enough

Just thirty minutes before he was set to take the stage at the circus, a tiger tamer met his match. The man’s four tigers mauled him to death and played with his mutilated body until they were finally contained. And now the life and career of 61-year-old Ettore Weber have come to an end, a violent and brutal end. The man was killed minutes before he was set to take the stage for a circus performance near Bari, Italy.

During rehearsals, the tigers rebelled and ended the animal tamer’s life. One tiger pounced on Weber when the other three rushed right over. With the tigers pinning the man to the ground, the group of them got their revenge, mauling him from the inside out, ripping his body to shreds.

For the next thirty minutes, the big cats “played” with Weber’s remains. Meanwhile, helpless medics waited for the cats to leave the scene of the brutal animal attack so they could get over there and remove his corpse.

The incident happened on Thursday night at 730 pm just before the Circo Orfei was set to open up to the crowd. The Circo Orfei is Italy’s best-known circus and was going to be a good show that day. However, the tigers had different plans and put an end to Weber’s long and illustrious career in the only way befitting a dangerous animal tamer.

After the tigers got their revenge and played with the tamer’s remains, other performers and medics did their best to scare the cats away from Weber’s body. However, no one was successful, and the cats continued to play with the man’s bloodied body.

Police arrived on the scene and have opened up an investigation. They are trying to get to the bottom of the events and learn exactly what happened to cause the four tigers to turn on their tamer as they did. Because the tigers played with Weber like he was a toy, he suffered numerous injuries, including severe trauma to his spine. It was as if the cats were trying to enact revenge on the man who turned their entire existence into entertainment for the Italian masses.

Although the tigers mauled their tamer to death, it is uncertain what will become of them now. Some people want the circus to donate the tigers to a wildlife refuge so they can live out the rest of their days in peaceful harmony with the environment. Others want the circus to euthanize the tigers because they brutally killed Weber. However, that’s what tigers do best, so it is unclear if they’ll be punished for being themselves.

Circo Orfei arrived in Bari on June 15 and was set to continue the show until July 14. Given the tragedy that has occurred, no one knows what is going to happen. The attack occurred about an hour before the circus was about to start. It is unclear if the show went on without Weber or not.

What do you think motivated the tigers to lash out and kill their animal tamer?

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