He Was Filming This Herd Of Cows When He Realized One Of Them Was Trying To Get His Attention : AWM

He Was Filming This Herd Of Cows When He Realized One Of Them Was Trying To Get His Attention

A man named Dave was recently driving along a beautiful country road when he came across a pasture. The long green grass was blowing in the wind and a herd of beautiful cattle was enjoying the peace of the day. It was an intoxicating scene and Dave knew he needed to stop by and capture the moment for the rest of time.

The cows were cooling off by the water and Dave broke out his camera to film them. One of the cows went up to Dave and seemed to be trying to get his attention. The cow was certainly acting weird and soon moved over toward another section of the fence.

Right where the cow stood, a baby calf lay on the other side of the fence. Dave knew he needed to help this baby get back to its family, but how? Between them lay an electric fence, both to keep the cows in and to keep visitors like Dave a safe distance away.

Somehow this calf found its way to the wrong side of the fence, and Dave decided he would have to tough it out and he did what it took to save the day.

Turns out the baby was just born earlier that very same day, so it was very important that the calf get back to its mother for nursing and bonding time as soon as possible. Dave hatched a plan that would get the calf back over the fence, but it wasn’t without issues.

Dave grabbed a stick and used it to keep part of the fence out of the way while he helped the calf. The mother cow wasn’t at all happy about Dave touching her baby, but in the end, the calf would have died without his help.

In the video below, you can even see the cow think about attacking Dave for what he is doing. But he’s behind the electric fence himself, so the cow wouldn’t dare go after him.

Dave helped to push the calf through the small hole he made, but both he and the calf were a bit shocked in the process. He had no lasting injuries though, so all’s well that ends well! The calf made it back to its mother with time to spare, and Dave got to go home and feel very good about what he did that day.

Commenters fell in love with this man’s kind decision when the video was posted to Youtube.

“Job well done!” said one supportive fan.

“Wow… fantastic. They are very thankful. Good job Dave,” said another.

“Good job Dave! Animals are much smarter than many give them credit. How neat that must have felt to have the calf come up to him like that. Thank you for sharing this video <3,” wrote Chihuahuabulldog.

Dave doesn’t know what to do with all the praise, as it seems like he was just doing what he knew was right. Most of us would have done the same given the situation, no matter how difficult.

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