He Was Gunned Down In A Drive-By Shooting, But When The Family Looked In His Coffin They Gasped : AWM

He Was Gunned Down In A Drive-By Shooting, But When The Family Looked In His Coffin They Gasped

Being wealthy makes life a lot easier, but it comes with it’s own fair share of complications that most people don’t really understand. But one thing is certain for everyone with money – it’s never a good idea to flash it around too much as it tends to lead to trouble. One young Trinidadian millionaire learned this the hard way as he was gunned down in a recent drive-by shooting.

Sheron Sukhedo was only 33-years-old when his life was taken away from him long before his natural time had come. He was right outside the home of the parent’s of his wife in a popular area of Trinidad and Tobago when he was shot and killed by an anonymous murderer.

Sukhedo was known for flashing his wealth, made through smart real estate deals and investments in the small country. He often was seen wearing tons of “bling,” in the form of gold chains, watches, sunglasses, etc. If there was an expensive accessory, he probably had it – and he wanted to go into the afterlife with all his accoutrements as well.

While most of us live by the creed, “You can’t take it with you,” many others don’t think about death the same way. The Egyptians famously adorned their royal dead with all sorts of beautiful trinkets and their favorite possessions, intended to secure a safe passage into the afterlife for the deceased.

Perhaps Sukhedo was inspired by the pharaohs when he decided to be “balled-out” as he went into the great beyond. He was laid to rest on a $50,000 gold casket, along with jewelry, pendants and accessories reportedly worth over $100,000. A pair of his favorite footwear, Timberlands, was placed in the casket as well for good measure.

The father-of-two was eventually cremated, but only after being soaked in Moen – his drink of choice. He went out as he lived, with a lavish funeral attended by everyone he knew in his short life. The jewelry was apparently removed before cremation, and it’s current whereabouts are unknown. We can only hope that the estate provides for the family this wealthy man left behind.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, authorities are still investigating the case and haven’t charged any specific suspect yet. Apparently they believe it may be family-related, proving once more that these violent crimes often happen between people that know each other rather than random strangers.

Officers say that a rival gang known as Rasta City had been working to take Sukhedo down for a long time, and they were paid off in order to keep him safe. The Guardian claims that he also survived an attempt on his life just two years ago and “had a number of officers on his payroll to protect him from his enemies.”

No matter how much he flashed his wealth, Sukhedo deserved the right to live his life just like the rest of us. Hopefully the police find who is responsible and ensure that they learn their lesson – unfortunately with corruption being so rampant the chances of that happening are not nearly high enough.