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He Was Hired To Build These New Homes, But When The Owner Didn’t Pay He Got The Ultimate Revenge

People who don’t pay their employees are low. Because they hired someone to do a job and that person delivered on their end of the bargain, the person with the money owes it to that person to hand over what was promised. Unfortunately, some people are just not good at heart and do not have a conscience guiding them through their lives, and that is unfortunate.

Daniel Neagu is from Romania. And after he lost his job because he mishandled some construction equipment, he decided to get the ultimate revenge. After he was part of the team to build a series of retirement cottages, he used a digger to devastate the new construction and caused upwards of $5 million of damage.

People who witnessed the destruction Daniel Neagu caused claimed that it looked like the property was hit by an earthquake.

Neagu destroyed the homes in the village of Buntingford, Hertfordshire. And the buildings were just a few weeks away from completion.

Neagu now faces criminal charges after he took out five homes that were each valued at about $1 million. Neagu lives in Harrow in northwest London refused to submit his plea while facing the Hatfield Magistrates’ Court. Through his interpreter, he spoke to the court via a video link as he sat in the cell at the local jail following his spree of the destruction of the properties owned by McCarthy and Stone.

The homes were missing walls and were torn to shreds. A turquoise digger was next to the homes, which appeared to be the weapon Neagu used.

Fellow Romanian Silvu Margean, who helped Neagu get into the United Kingdom, talked to reporters outside of Neagu’s rented home in London. Margean said he took the accused criminal in as a favor for another friend.

“I haven’t seen him for more than two weeks. I tried to call him but nothing. He moved in here in January and then said I’m going on holiday. A friend asked me, ‘my friend has nowhere to stay,’ and I said I would help.”

Margean regrets inviting Neagu into his property. He was unreliable, but he never posed a threat to his family.

“I never had problems from him. My wife is always alone with my son, and they were alone with him. If I had suspicions, I would not have left him alone with them.”

Neagu was arrested at the scene of the crime at 5:40 pm on Saturday. Elaine Francois reported the crime to the police and said: “It looks like an earthquake or bomb struck.”

The builders who worked with Neagu are “angry” that he destroyed the properties they worked so hard to create. 53-year-old Jeffrey Keys said, “I’m angry” and added, “We were meant to be returning on Monday but now don’t know what we’re doing for work.”

McCarthy and Stone released a statement after the incident and said: “We can confirm that the individual who has been charged is not an employee of McCarthy & Stone.”

What do you think about this worker’s revenge?