He Was Hired To Take Patients To Their Rooms. Hidden Camera Footage Showed What He Was Really Up To : AWM

He Was Hired To Take Patients To Their Rooms. Hidden Camera Footage Showed What He Was Really Up To

You never know what someone is doing behind closed doors. But Lindon Beckford’s secret is no longer secret. A camera has followed him as he goes about his job, taking patients room to room at the hospital. Lindon has done this good work for three decades and has made the most of the job. But it is not all work to Lindon; he finds a way to give every one of his patients a little gift before they part ways.

For anyone who has been in a hospital, you know that it can be a frightening experience. The doctors and nurses are always in a rush and eager to get to their next patient. You can be taken from room to room without so much as a warning. Thankfully there are people like Lindon Beckford working at hospitals across the nation. But none are quite like Lindon. As you’ll see in the footage below, he has a special way of relieving people’s tension and anxieties as they get wheeled through the hallways of the hospital.

When he first gets assigned to a patient, he offers a special greeting: “My name is Lindon, and I’ll be your chauffeur.”

Then he reveals his secret that he has been sharing with patients for decades. He loves music. He loves to sing. But he does not keep his talent and his voice from the patients. He opens his mouth and sings to them, soothing their worries and their anxieties, and helping them forget about the problems they have that brought them to the hospital.

Lindon always sang. Way before he started working at the hospital, he tapped into the power of music to lift up his own spirits and the other people around him. He loves music, and he loves sharing his love for music with those around him. He always has and he always will.

But when he started bringing music to the halls of the hospital, the patients responded well. They loved hearing his smooth voice and falling into the depths of the songs he sang. He has become something of an institution and now even takes requests from those who want to hear him sing.

When Lindon sings to the patients, they feel special, and they no longer feel alone. While he takes them to their next room, his voice takes them to another place entirely. He helps alleviate their burden and get them the relief they need so they can are not stressed out during their stay at the hospital.

In the video below, you can hear from Lindon and learn more about how he started singing at the hospital. Lindon works as a transporter at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Although he has had a long career at the hospital already, he wants to continue sharing his voice with patients and putting them at ease for years to come. Singing also helps Beckford deal with his own issues, which include anxiety and panic attacks. Singing is a wonder drug.

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